Peter Jensen, Graeme Black, Christopher Kane, Charles Anastase, Aquascutum

This collection embodies what I love about London Fashion Week. The craftsmanship is still there, but the designers who present here aren't afraid to be whimsical, to be outlandish, to be anything but normal. The inspiration here seems to be Heidi, what with the florals, the lace, and the little lederhosen-like suspenders (look #4). Gosh, I want that blue puffer coat!

This show took place in Windsor Castle, I believe, and boy, was that an appropriate venue. The keyword here for Graeme Black is "decadence." The looks progressed from relatively pared down to full-on, with that crimson (silk, I think) folded dress being a particular stand-out.

Quite a departure from where he started a few seasons ago, but one thing is constant: Kane can make a dress. I love the piecey construction, which lends these dresses some structure. I particularly like the first dress shown here... it's got a "warrior princess" vibe to it, I think.

Charles Anastase can do no wrong. His geek girl is back from the previous season, along with some remnants of the Spring look -- platforms and sheer bottoms. A truly ready-to-wear collection, these looks are street-ready.

Oh, Aquascutum, you can do no wrong. The omnipresent lace (that first dress is a little Prada, no?) is nice, but the billowy manta ray-like raincoats are my favorite. Love it!

Photos:, as usual. Collages: me! woot.

New York Fall Fashion Week Trend Wrap-Up

What to keep:


(l to r) Abaete, Charlotte Ronson, Cushnie et Ochs, Cynthia Rowley, Daryl K, Elise Overland

Skinny pants

(l to r) Charlotte Ronson, Elise Overland, Diane von Furstenberg, Jill Stuart

Chunky boots and platforms

(l to r) Behnaz Sarafpour, Bibhu Mohapatra, Erin Fetherston, Hutson, Libertine

Shredded, slashed clothing

See Rodarte.

What's new:

Sweatpant material for classic shapes

(l to r) Karen Walker, next two by Staerk

One-shoulder dresses

(l to r) Behnaz Sarafpour, Abaete, Christian Cota, Elise Overland, Jill Stuart, Rodarte

Photos:, collages by me.

Zac Posen, Libertine, Katy Rodriguez, Julian Louie

For the first time in a while, I liked Zac Posen's collection. I really like the ballet-inspired flats and the sequins everywhere. Not really my taste, but overall, a nice showing.

I seriously don't get this collection. But I like it. And the Catholic schoolgirl in me (true story) loves the plaid skirts. I don't think I want to walk around with Queen Elizabeth on my skirt or coat, though.

I just realized that I don't really have much to say about this. Quite an interesting silhouette on that third dress, though.

Julian Louie is one of my new favorites. The plate armor-like construction of the pieces remind me of Balenciaga, but this collection strikes me as much more casual. A relatively drab palette, but it's saved by that rich brown and the flashes of teal. Nice!


Matthew Williamson for H&M, Part Dos

Before, I said I was interested to see what MW would do at H&M. Scratch that, I'm officially BOOSTED. After a fall and winter of darkness, I'm ready for some bright-ass colors!

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to break out the neon.

Karen Walker, Jill Stuart, Hutson, G-Star, Erin Fetherston

Ooh, Karen Walker! I'm really loving how sweatpant material is being used for formal trousers. Good to know that you can dress up but still be comfortable as all hell! Second favorite is the print shirt (picture #3), followed by the broken pearl necklace dress.

Kind of a hippie pirate vibe going on here. Love the strappy shoes and ruffles. Despite (or maybe because of...?) its somber palette, still quite a romantic collection.

Apparently I have a real thing for ruffles...huh.

This is definitely in my top 10 collections of NYFW. The jeans and pants are slouchy and look oh-so-comfortable. I especially love the trench coats on the guys. If my boyfriend dressed like this, I'd so steal his clothes.

This isn't anything new from Ms. Fetherston, but it is delightfully...poufy. Love the mini-crinolines and red satin. Very Valentine's Day-appropriate.


Art as Inspiration, part 4: Klimt Revisited

I used to really hate Klimt, but after spending a few days in a room with a giant reproduction of Klimt's "The Kiss" (true story), his style really grew on me.

I kind of wish he was still alive...and designing clothing. But since he isn't, we've got to rely on interpretations by designers like Galliano. Here are a few examples of the master's work (Klimt, not Galliano. That comes later.).

Judith II

The Kiss


Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Portrait of Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein

Water Serpents I


Judith I

Medicine (Hygeia)

Pallas Athene


United Bamboo, Staerk, Rodarte

I was pleasantly surprised by United Bamboo. A distinct schoolgirl vibe without the requisite plaid, and none of the typical dreary fall colors. A+!

Staerk is back! Unfortunately...this is kind of drab. I mean, I still like the clothing, but the minimalist look plus an all-white background is really just depressing. Come on, Camilla! Your clothes are awesome -- it's just the presentation. On the plus side, I love the pants and the mesh tops (bodysuits?).

I had to post two pictures of Rodarte... I'm glad they kept their shredded knitwear look from last season. The thigh high boots are awesome, especially with the bondage strips going up on it.

I think what I like most about Rodarte lately is their piece-y aesthetic. The clothes look like they were made of scraps, yet there is nothing "Derelicte" (haha) about them.


Elise Overland, Diane von Furstenberg, Daryl K, Cynthia Rowley, Behnaz Sarafpour

What's cool about this collection is that it's mostly leather! Even the purple jacket and other pieces that look like lamé. I'm impressed at how slouchy and comfortable the leather clothes look. Crazy!

Another great collection from New York Fashion Week. Von Furstenberg stepped away from her signature wrap dresses and scored BIG. The "ethnic" prints mixed with pom-pom topped hats give off a modern hippie look... somehow it really works. I'd love to dress like this come fall! (Well, really, as soon as possible.)

Here are the spats everyone's (by everyone, I mean bloggers like Jane from Sea of Shoes) have been talking about. I didn't really like them before, but here, they actually look okay. I still won't be wearing leather spats any time soon, though. I love, love, love the light gray suit; it'd actually be great for the office/casual/whateverrrr.

Doesn't this collection work perfectly with Christian Cota's? It's like the older sister to his younger one. Love it!

Gradated fur, ombre shoes, Galaxy-esque dresses and cut-outs galore. Mmm.

Photos: Collages by me!

Rag & Bone, Nicole Miller, Jason Wu and Cushnie et Ochs

I was a little unimpressed with the color palette used here, but there were plenty of redeeming qualities about this show. I really liked that the duo behind Rag & Bone were able to take menswear -- suiting, in particular -- and make it casual.

The prints at Nicole Miller struck me as a less-structured version of what Viktor & Rolf sent down the catwalk last season. Mind you, I don't mean this as an insult -- that's just what I thought of when I first saw it. I love, love, love this print! In fact, I see it as a compliment to V&R's print: where their geometric print was somewhat robotic and linear, this print is swooping and wild; it kind of reminds me of vines (especially on dress #4).

I predict that Michelle Obama will be wearing a lot more Jason Wu. The fourth dress is in a lovely chartreuse color -- same as her inauguration outfit -- and that last dress is a little remiscent of the one she wore that night. Apart from his newfound political ties, Jason Wu delivers a beautiful, ladylike line. I'm not that girly, but I would love to wear these pieces. Wu reminds me a little of Philip Lim (who I also I like), but with a more saturated palette...

What I liked most about this was how the designers wore their own clothing. It's nice to see that the dresses look good on both models and "average" women. I loved the first dress' watercolor-like print, and the cut out lapels on the suit (#5).

Christian Cota, Charlotte Ronson, Bibhu Mohapatra

All I have to say is, "sparkly." I love this collection! My favorite is the last dress; it reminds me of one I've seen before, maybe Marchesa? I don't know. Anyway, I just love how the embellishment is kind of nestled in the dress. Oh, and I love the shoes! Platforms are my best friend.

Charlotte Ronson's collection was decidedly less sugary and girly than her usual fare, and thank goodness for that! I call this look "the dark side of Isabel Marant." There are the same plaids, hosiery, boots and vests, but the dark lipstick, slicked-back hair and subdued color palette skew toward somber.

Bibhu Mohapatra used to work for J. Mendel but recently created an eponymous line. I'm loving the color palette and the slight bubble shapes on the dresses. Oh, and the boots! My favorite look is the second to last one, closely followed by Looks #2 and 3.

More to come!

P.S. Click for larger pictures!

New York Fashion Week!!

It's shaping up nicely so far. I am pleased. (More posts later!)

In other news, my old roommate might be going to a show/afterparty with her sister! I am beyond jealous.



I found this awesome website today, Candypop, via Hot Chocolate and Mint (whose blog I love!) Unnnnfortunately, I can't read Korean, so...yeah. But I must say, for an online shop, they do a great job of styling the clothing. Forever 21 should take a note from them!

More literary/movie characters

Beatrice - by silentspring on

I just finished reading Purgatorio, in which Dante travels through Purgatory with Virgil and, at the end, meets up with Beatrice, his love. She is a vision, but she speaks sternly with him, trying to impart maximum knowledge in a minimal amount of time. Honestly, I didn't really like her character -- but I definitely had fun coming up with an outfit for her. Since she's in heaven, I was looking for wing earrings, but found these ones that look like harps. I had originally put her in a white dress, but then I remembered that blue is considered a holy color (that's why Mary is often wearing blue in religious paintings). Dante meets her in a Garden of Eden-like place, so the rest of her jewelry is leaflike.

Juliet - by silentspring on

This may be one of my favorites. Here's Juliet, not looking very girly at all, except for that frilly shirt. I picked the puff shorts because they remind me of what the male actors were wearing in Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. My Juliet is a tough girl, so she wears flat boots and carries a messenger bag. Lace tights for a touch of romance, a "letter" clutch (for all that miscommunication), and finally, a vial of "Poison." Gosh, I crack myself up.

When you're a Jet...
When you're a Jet... - by silentspring on

Finally, this one is inspired by the one female character in the Jet gang from West Side Story. Some rugged jewelry that'll come in handy for a fight, the requisite leather jacket and sleeveless shirt for the "neighborhood tough" look, and jeans and Converse sneakers for the ultimate comfort when hopping fences and fighting Sharks.