Just a collection of random photos I saved on my computer in the past month or so... I think these are things I wanted for fall -- obviously a fantasy wishlist!

1. Shearling coat
3.1. Phillip Lim

2. Lace shirt
Alexander Wang

(This one's not on the list because I know good and well I didn't want a bathing suit. Just thought it was pretty.)


3. Leather skirt (Isn't this gorgeous? I love the pleats.)
Derek Lam
4. Ankle boots
Nicholas Kirkwood

David Koma
5. The coolest ankle boots I've ever seen. They remind me of La Sagrada Familia.


Fall favorites!

Some awesome stuff from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, Burberry Prorsum, and others. Now I just need to win the lottery and I could afford all this stuff..

2NE1 - Follow Me

This video is pretty darn cool! It came out a few months ago, but I just saw it for the first time today. Apparently this group is going to try to make a U.S. debut...

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is because 1. It has some funny moments (Darth Vader in the house!) 2. The song's catchy, if you like pop 3. Their makeup is pretty cool, and 4. They're wearing some dope outfits, including some stuff we'd all recognize!

Check it out, and I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I'm thinking of doing a regular feature, like "Music Monday" or something, where I post a song I've been listening to a lot lately or whatever, and maybe include an outfit inspired by the song music, lyrics or artist. I'd also take requests. What do you think?

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Polyvore is having a contest where bloggers and readers have a chance to will a $1000 Visa gift card!

Below, you'll see a Mini Editor, which is Polyvore's new widget. You, dear readers, can create an outfit from the favorites that I've picked, which counts toward my standing in the contest. If you want to be entered in the contest yourself, you can put the widget on your own blog and email Polyvore with some info about yourself, or you can use the widget on participating blogs (click here for more info). If you want to put the widget on your blog, the deadline to notify Polyvore is 11:59pm PDT (what the hell is that? Pacific time?) on September 7th, so you've got a little time to get yourself together. Good luck, and enjoy making outfits on here! :D

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ETA: Don't worry if you can't see your collage after you click "Publish". I can see them all under my Polyvore account, and they're in a special collection here.

Summer purchases (Part 1)

Yes... so I went a little crazy with the shopping this summer (considering I usually go shopping twice a year). Here's what I ended up with!

L to R: MAC Dare to Wear in Ban This!| L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base| MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed.

MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
This color is really nice, but too sheer and holographic (for me) to wear alone, so I put it on top of any lip gloss or lipstick I have already.

MAC Dare to Wear in Ban This!| MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
I forgot to take a solo picture of Ban This!, so this'll have to do. As you can sorta see, it's a magenta glittery color, and it's thick. Lots of glitter in it, so you either have to layer it on to get that opaqueness, or you should blend it out so that it's more evenly distributed. I suppose you could wear this alone, but I have worn it over my purple lip glosses (I got a palette from Forever 21 -- so worth it!).

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base
This stuff is like grout for your face... Yeah, that sounds pretty unappetizing. Stay with me though -- the perfecting base fills in lines and wrinkes if you've got 'em, and minimizes pores. It works quite well; it made my face look very smooth. However, if your skin is not similar to the color of the base, I do not suggest wearing this without a) blending very, very, very well and/or b) wearing tinted moisturizer or foundation. I made both mistakes (used a little too much without blending, and no foundation) and I definitely had the Ghostface look that can befall those of us who aren't porcelain-complected. :P


All my jewelry! Descriptions below.

Chevron/whale tail necklace - Goodwill| Stud bracelet - Target| Stud earring trio - Target
I don't know why but that first necklace reminds me of fish. I often wear it backwards as well, because the back is a nice coppery color with an interesting texture. That stud bracelet is one of my new favorites, but sometimes I wonder if it's a little too... rough-looking. Oh, well!

Stud earring trio - Target
I luh-luh-luh-love these earrings! I think they cost me $11, but I have to force myself not to wear them constantly. They're simple without being staid or stale... one of my best purchases yet.

Crystal ring - Torrid| Cross knuckle ring - Forever 21
Ugh, I know I keep saying "I love this" and "I love that," but I... love this crystal ring! It's really big and when I wear it, I think it's a little over the top, but I like ostentatious jewelry. It's the perfect statement right.

Cross knuckle ring - Forever 21| Snake ring - Torrid| Wing ring - Torrid
As you can see, a lot of my rings come from Torrid. That's because they're the only place that stocks rings big enough to fit on my fingers! I wear like a size 10 least. *sigh*

Chain necklace - Goodwill
My friend calls this necklace my "Mr. T necklace". I don't think it looks like Mr. T's, but I get where she's going with that. To me, it looks like something that the girl from the last Bond movie would wear (the actress's name is Olga Kurylenko, but I can't remember the character's name).

In other news, I'm working on a "style manifesto" as Gala Darling calls it. While I don't think I'll adhere fully to it for the coming fall and winter, it's something fun to think about. It's like making a wearable editorial for yourself, kinda. If I come up with a good name for it, I'll post it -- pinky swear.

So, have you gotten anything super awesome this summer? It doesn't have to be clothes, it could be a plate or some bedsheets -- I'm just curious! Also, are you going to go for a certain look this fall?

Random photo

From left to right: My doggy, my shoes, my bag. Yaaay!

P.S. I'll get a better pic of the shoes later.

MAC x Rodarte: Update

I just read this morning, via New York Magazine's Cut Blog, that MAC has decided not to ship the Rodarte line, inspired by Juarez, Mexico.

As I mentioned before, there has been a lot of backlash on the internet due to the controversial nature of the Mulleavy sisters' source of inspiration. Now, MAC has released a statement that they will not release the collection, out of respect for the citizens of Juarez, and really, out of respect for all people. They will still, however, donate all projected global proceeds to groups that work to protect the women of Juarez.

Though it's unfortunate that this whole debacle occurred, I'm glad that something good is coming out of this. (And... I've been holding back from saying this because I didn't want to take away from this discussion, but... the collection was pretty ugly/unwearable.) Anyway, from the statement MAC released, it seems that they are still researching the groups that exist, so they know where to send their donations.

In the future, I would really love to see an update on what happens with the money they donate. Of course, MAC will need to make sure that, if they do a press release on how their donation was used, it doesn't come across as, "Look at us! We did great things!" as opposed to contrite, yet glad that they could help in some way. Regardless, we'll see.

If you've ever doubted the power of the internet, here is your proof.

(You can check out the Cut Blog link above, or Temptalia -- a great makeup blog -- to read the statement in full.)

Ann Demeulemeester/Run DMC/Whodini

Yeah, I know you're looking at the title and thinking, "What the hell is she on about?" but I've got a point -- I swear!

I've always wanted one of those Ann Demeulemeester/Whodini hats. This one:

Or something like it. Ann's had a lot of them over the years, and I always kinda laugh (while coveting) because it reminds me so much of the rap group, Whodini, because they definitely used to wear these hats. See?

They're not exactly the same, but what I'm looking for is a hat with that wide, flat brim. I think I'd like to wear one this winter instead of a beanie. I get tired of wearing my one beanie which I searched for over 2 continents to find (true story) all the time.

On another note, I'm going to try and take photos of my recent purchases (makeup and shoes... like 5 pairs of shoes... needless to say, I'm broke now. *sob*)

Hat photo:
Whodini photo:

MAC x RODARTE Collabo...A PR Nightmare

So I'm sure you've heard by now, that MAC and Rodarte have paired up to bring out a collection inspired by Juarez, Mexico (which was the inspiration for Rodarte's Fall 2001 RTW collection). The clothing collection was well-received, but there has been an amazing amount of negative backlash toward the limited edition makeup collection.

What's the problem? Well, to keep it short -- since this has been covered by many, many people -- the makeup products have names like "Factory" and "Bordertown." Nothing particularly wrong with those words out of context, but in context, it just comes across as callous. When you pointedly name your makeup products about the climate in Juarez, it just seems that you don't particularly care about what's going on, other than it giving you inspiration to make clothes or makeup. There's nothing wrong, in my opinion, with taking inspiration for art from tragic events, but it has to be done tactfully... and MAC and Rodarte missed the mark here.

Had they said from the start they were going to donate all proceeds to some sort of efforts to protect the women of Juarez, I think this would have gone over much better. Recent developments say that they will donate a portion of the proceeds (and I did see something that said 100% but I'm not sure if that was just a rumor), so they are making amends (MAC more so than Rodarte), but this was just an unfortunate event for the image of both companies.

But don't let anyone ever tell you that your voice doesn't matter to some people, because it was the intense negative reaction that caused the two companies to a) issue apologies and b) donate money. So on that note, what do you think about this whole thing? What if the collection had been inspired by some other atrocity? Would that change your mind about the situation? Will you be buying anything from the MAC x Rodarte line?