Seriously, can Christopher Kane do any wrong? Despite my initial discomfort with his use of atom bomb explosions as a motif, I find his ability to find beauty in literally anything inspiring.

Douglas Hannant has a wonderful knack for making beautiful dresses. I don't even wear (or really like) dresses, but Hannant makes me want to.

Want want WANT that dress! It must be so nice to wear.

You can't front on that.

I really might have to get these...

Photo from Blog title from some Beastie Boys song.

More from Resort 2010

Some more collections I was feeling:

ADAM, oh, ADAM. With every collection, this line grows on me. First, I love the shoes. They look precarious, but they are pretty, pretty, pretty. Next up is the embellishment -- the chunky thread (?) on the dress and the beading that is repeated on the sweater and belt shown here... I'm not exactly sure where the ADAM girl is going, but it doesn't really matter. These are pieces that can be worn in all climates. Don't you want that coat?

Rachel Roy is usually hit or miss for me -- I either love or hate her collections. This time around, I'm a fan. I really appreciate the bright colors and nude heels, and the zippered suit is my favorite. I believe there's a slit under the arm there? The more I think about it, the more I love this detail recently seen at Comme des Garcons (and much less professionally done on a cardigan of mine).

As tired as I thought I was of gray, navy blue and white, Doo.Ri has changed my mind for the better. Yes, these are neutrals, but inventive shapes keep them from being utterly boring. Rather, these pieces are truly refreshing. Also, I'm a sucker for interesting/crazy collars and lapels.

More to come!

Photos from Attempts at good Photoshopping by me.

ShoeLust... no, really.

Shoes I want, all photos courtesy of I'm seeing a trend here...
Here are some streetstyle photos I found from Craig Arendt on

Name: Virginie Sommet
Wearing: Vintage dress, Hermès bag, vintage Jan Jansen shoes from the Netherlands
Those shoes are so
sick. This is such an interesting, atypical outfit -- I'd love to see more of what Ms. Sommet wears.

Name: Hanneli Mustaparta
Wearing: Reworked vintage dress, Acne shoes
Bloggers' latest obsession. This photo is super-cute, but I'm not a huge fan of florals.

Name: Courtney Kellner
Wearing: H&M blouse, Hanii Y skirt, Chloé shoes, Zac Posen bag

Name: Melanie Wong
Wearing: Uniqlo shirt, Zara skirt, Rupert Sanderson pumps
I'm not usually a fan of preppy style (I'm in the middle of a conversation about this as I type)
at all, but this shows enough personality that really, I'm okay with this. More than okay -- I love that skirt!

Photos and basic info copy from Random blathering from me.


I don't know why I never heard this song, but now I can't stop playing it. If you like Daft Punk, you'll most likely like this. Check it out.

I haven't updated in a while, because I've been super busy... I recently found out I got into grad school (excuse the horn-tooting -- I'm just soooooooo excited), so I've been celebrating that as well as a good friend's birthday and supporting/promoting my new friends' band.

I did finally get my camera working, so I can show you guys my sorta "thrifted" clothes that I mentioned a while ago!

Ethereal Artwork: Audrey Kawasaki

oil and graphite on wood
Ages ago, I emailed artist Audrey Kawasaki to see if it was all right if I wrote a little about her artwork on my blog and featured some of her pieces. She answered me (also ages ago) and was really nice and gracious aaaaaand said that it was fine, so finally, I can finish what I started.
She Who Dares
oil and graphite on wood
It was really hard to pick just a few to put in this post. Honestly though, I could have just closed my eyes and picked -- they're all that damn good.

Tangled He
oil and graphite on wood

Audrey (look at me acting like we're on a first-name basis or something) doesn't often paint guys, so this was an interesting surprise. Regardless of gender, her subjects always look almost magical -- their skin shines as if they're glowing.

As I Fall
mixed media on wood
My Dishonest Heart
mixed media on wood

Her paintings remind me very much of Alphonse Mucha, but also of Maurice Denis. Though his art insists on flatness and hers maintains three dimensions, they both have a way of treating their subjects that makes them seem unreal and almost as if you, the viewer, isn't meant to be seeing them. Let me stop before I start waxing all art historian, but suffice it to say that Ms. Kawasaki is an artist whose work I not only look forward to seeing for many years to come but also hope to own one day.

You can learn about sales she has and everything else she's up to on her blog. Check it out to see an artist truly deserving of everyone's patronage.

All photos from, exuberant fangirling by me.