Happy Halloween!

You know I couldn't leave you, my darling readers, without something to enjoy on this ghoulish holiday. I've created three Polyvore sets to strike fear into the hearts of even the most brave -- actually, no. They'll probably just make you want to go shopping. Enjoy!
High Fashion Frankenstein

High fashion Frankenstein totally has his finger on the pulse... even if he technically didn't have one but an hour ago. Marc Jacob bolt stud earrings (get it? get it?) and creepers, because Frankie totally originated the chunky soles look.

This is one of my favorites... I put a weird amount of thought into this one. See that silver bar on the edge that says "Rub Away"? Well, that's a bar you use after you've touched garlic to get the smell off of your hands -- and we all know vampires hate garlic, right? I included the ring because it reminds me of those ugly ass rings the Salvatores wear on The Vampire Diaries. There's even a little story behind the McQueen bag too. Obviously, you can tell from the outfit that this Dracula's about to have a night out on the town. But if you've read Dracula, you may remember that the real story starts when he lands in London to wreak havoc on the Harkers' lives. So my Dracula carries a McQueen bag with the British flag on it in the hopes of blending in by showing some patriotism. Clever vampire, huh?

Last but not least (this is actually my favorite set... I'd totally wear this), our woodsy Wolfman is totally ready to... chase people through the woods? It seems to me that werewolves spend inordinate amounts of time in the woods, so why not dress the part? Of course, there's also plenty of claw jewelry. The better to tear you apart with, my dear... Awooooooo! (haha, I'm such a dork.)

I hope you liked these sets, and have a happy and safe Halloween! And if you don't celebrate it, well, enjoy your weekend!

Pressing questions

How exactly does one wear a cape and a backpack at the same time? I maintain it's impossible. Just the idea makes me feel a little claustrophobic! (Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic.)

Ladylike punk?

Kate Moss and Topshop

As if I remember reading that this would be her last collab with Topshop... Click here to watch the video and see a sneak peek of a few pieces (and cute music from She & Him, I believe) from the collection, which launches November 2.

Neon *may* make you feel better

I had a pretty shite day last Tuesday, and wearing these was pretty much the only good part of it. I was already in a bad mood when I left for school, then I had an exam that was completely different from what the professor said it'd be... not good. But life goes on, and I'm feeling better now.

Office wear for Fall (or, "OMG, an Actual Outfit Post!")

Necklace - Goodwill | Striped shirt - Rodarte for Target | Corset belt - Forever 21 | Skirt - stole it from Mom | Dotted tights - H&M | Studded oxfords - Dolce Vita for Target

Well, well, I have finally gotten it together to do an outfit post. Do be gentle with me! This is what I wore to work last week on a relatively warm fall day. October is always a little weird around here; one week it's 80 degrees, the next it's 45. Anyway... here it is! If you take pictures of your outfits, please help me out -- I'm terrible at self-portraits, as I haven't had much practice. And please ignore all that crap on the floor, I had just gone shopping and I've just pulled out all my winter clothes, so my room is a bit of a war zone right now. Anyway, detail pics below.

Claw hand!! LOL, this was an accidental picture, but it shows the pleats nicely so I kept it.

I am obsessed with these shoes!

This is the belt I wore. I really like it, but man is it tight! At first, I had it buckled on the hole where I would normally wear a belt, but I felt like I was going to pass out! Fainting in the office is so not fetch.

In other news, I'm going to a haunted house today! That's really exciting... I hope it's scary. Actually, I'm sure it will be, since I'll be hopped up on pain meds (if you follow me on Twitter, you know I had minor surgery recently. But don't worry, I'm fine!) Happy Halloween, everyone! And if you don't celebrate it, have a great weekend.

1 big reason why you should buy denim and t-shirts before January

Basically, the price of cotton is expected to rise come 2011. Just Google "cotton prices will rise" and you'll see a number of articles suggesting that.

Do you care that some clothes are going to be more expensive? Personally, I don't really buy graphic tees anymore, and I refuse to buy completely plain shirts or shirts with details that I could easily DIY. That leaves jeans and other things made of cotton... I don't usually pay more than $60 for a pair of jeans, and I also don't shop a lot, so I'm not too concerned about this whole price increase. I'd only really care if it were to go from like, $60 to $120 for the same pair!

Maybe we should stock up on luxury denim, then?

Music day -- Yelawolf

You may not have heard of this guy, but he's a quickly rising star in the hip-hop world. I don't wanna do a whole review of why I like Yelawolf*; I'd rather let the music speak for itself. I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and don't compare him to Eminem. (Be warned, there is cursing in this song.)

*That's a huge understatement. I am obsessed with this guy.

Paris Fashion Week (Azzaro, Anne Valerie Hash, Cerruti, Carven, Yohji Yamamoto, Haider Ackermann, Gareth Pugh, Pedro Lourenco, Junya Watanabe)

Apparently these were supposed to be grown-up versions of a little girl's party dresses. I can definitely see that in the first (my favorite!) and last dresses. The others, not so much.

This was probably one of my favorite collections from Paris this season. I really like the mild, soft palette and the flowing construction of most of the garments.

I hadn't heard of Carven before, but this was certainly one of the most striking collections from Spring 2011. Absolutely love the built in tied sweater around the collar on the fourth dress, and the handkerchief hem on the second.

I absolutely love these dresses. Not exactly every day clothing, but they'd make for some good costumes. I'm seeing Helena Bonham-Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange or as the pie lady from Sweeney Todd (what was her name again?).

Not my favorite collection by Pugh by far, but interesting nonetheless. Love the shape of the last dress/top/coat/what the hell is it??

Scary faceless mannequins, but wonderful striped clothing and pretty/manly oxfords go together quite nicely.

Dark nail polishes for Fall (recent purchases)

I went shopping the other day and couldn't resist the siren call of the nail polish aisle. I think a lot of people overlook NYC cosmetics, but their nail polish is awesome (and so are a few products, but I'll save that for another time)! The quality is fantastic, and they are quite cheap. I got these colors for $0.89 each! Cheap as HELL.

I haven't used them yet because I'm not sure if I want to wear such dark nail polish to work (though they probably wouldn't care), but also because I've been too lazy to paint my nails this week.

The color names are Purple Pizzazz, Black Lace, Skin Tight Denim.

Photos: Mine.

Milan Fashion Week (Blumarine, Etro, Francesco Scognamiglio, Iceberg, Marni, Moschino, Trussardi 1911)

So... I think leopard is supposed to be in or something? It was used pretty sparingly at Blumarine.

More latex! This time, it's in the form of adorable minidresses (that also have a soupcon of "skating costume" to them, but not in a bad way). Break out the white if you're going for the Scognamiglio look next spring.

Marni is weird as usual, but also always has unexpected color combinations and imaginative silhouettes.

If you didn't realize it, that Blumarine comment was sarcasm.


Just doing a quick post. As promised, the rest of my fashion week posts will come this weekend. This week's been so crazy...