Proof that what happens in your childhood will traumatize you for life: I had a 2 hour dream involving Freddy Krueger.

What was kind of cool about it though, was a) I didn't die and b) He
and I were both wearing these claw rings I saw on ebay. I can't be bothered to find a picture now, but they fit on your fingertips and they have metal claws at the end. I was thinking about buying them, and maybe I should...? Haha... oh, Freddy, even you bring me inspiration.

Side note: I'm actually terrified of Freddy... If I think about him for too long, I'll get really scared. (I'm such a loser!)
VPL: Land of cool undies/swimwear?

Victoria Beckham had a few nice dresses, but this one was my favorite.

Ruffian definitely captured my attention this time around -- military detailing mixed with cute, girly silhouettes. Perfect!

Julian Louie, you have a fan in me. Love the topknots, theatrical makeup, and most of all, the floaty dresses and pants.

I'm going to resist fan-girling for Richard Chai again and just say this: LOVED. it. Plus, he's a hottie. Okay, I swear I'm done.

Photos from

Beautiful fairy tale dresses that actually make me want to wear them. That's saying a lot...

This is the one look I liked from the whole collection. What a great color combination -- cream and light wash jeans look delightfully ethereal together.

I don't even know what to say about this. I don't even know why I like it!

Coolness = that labyrinth jacket.

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Fashion Weeeeeeeeek -- Alexander Wang, Cushnie et Ochs, Brian Reyes, Altuzarra, Vivienne Tam

I really didn't like this... but I liked it more than his last collection. I can sort of see the football/high school inspiration, so points for that, I guess. These four outfits are my favorite of the bunch. Love all the leather... and the side braids!

Pretty tired of the body-con look, but those last two dresses are SEXY!

I didn't really like the rest of the collection, but everything with this Rorschach print was pretty cool.

I loved these two looks from Altuzarra. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something very "high priestess" about that cloak-dress on the right. Plus, suede! Yay!

This is just cool because those clutches they're carrying are netbooks! I want, I want... Honestly, I didn't like the butterfly motif Vivienne chose, and her reasoning for it seemed even worse. Yeah... not much more to say about this.

Whew, this wasn't a very positive post, was it? I promise there were some things I loved, but I have to say, I was mostly underwhelmed by NYFW.

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NYFW - Spring 2010 (Wayne, L.A.M.B., Davidelfin)

It's about that time again, as you all know, so let's just jump right in.

My favorite of all is the gold-brown dress (3rd photo) with the criss-crossing straps and leather sash/belt. It might be a little hard to get into, but it looks like a dream! It was a little hard to tell what it was made out of... maybe tweed or a printed fabric -- can't tell. Anyway, I really enjoyed the slightly futuristic bent of this collection. Definitely wearable.

Hmm, where to start? The shoes. Specifically those in pictures 1, 3, and 5. I want them now. Also, the pants. I'm not a girl who wears skirts or dresses that often (...or ever), so I was delighted when all these new pant silhouettes started to become popular, starting with the carrot pant a few years back. The last three pictures all show relaxed pants that may be a little hard to wear, but they're styled so well that they don't see bizarre. Unique, yes, but weird? Definitely not. Finally, I love anything with angular draping and folds, so Stefani's jackets and blouses were a definite hit for me.

1. There are about 4 of my favorite colors here.
2. Look at the shoes! Even the men's shoes are bangin'!
3. Skirts and shorts over pants have never looked cooler. Granted I wouldn't wear those pants anyway, but they still look well-crafted. However, I can see lots of people liking -- and buying -- the other, regular pants.


I was recently contacted by designer Virginia Blanca ArrisueƱo about her line, De*Nada.
Virginia got her BFA at the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), and she's received many awards for her talent and skill, both creative and technical, including the Sadat Art for Peace Award -- delivered to her by Nelson Mandela!

Though she initially started out selling handbags and t-shirts, the collection grew to the scarves, gloves and hats that we can see now on her site and in stores.

She gets her inspiration from her Peruvian heritage and combines that with contemporary, timely styles to create a truly unique experience. To be honest, I was truly excited by what I saw on the site -- ingenious designs. As a scarf collector, I was in heaven! My favorites are the eternal roped, eternal knit and challah braid scarves. I can only imagine how warm and cosy they'd be come winter (which isn't too far away for us).

The newest collection is going to be on sale online very soon, so keep an eye out for De*Nada!

Photos from De*Nada website. Aren't they awesome?
I haven't been posting/commenting much, because I... (*sob*) have homework!

Never fear, I'll be around.

Fall Jewelry

Just some jewelry I saw on that caught my eye. I've been thinking about taking up jewelry-making again. Obviously, I'm not a metalworker nor will I be working with any precious stones, but I have made earrings in the past, and I think I could do necklaces and bracelets as well. I suppose I'll let you know if I do! :)

L to R: Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin; Dries van Noten, Dries van Noten, Karl Lagerfeld, Martin Grant; Martin Grant, Lanvin.

I really love the Martin Grant gold necklace on the bottom left. It's so beautiful... I love how it looks like cloth noodles. Second and third favorites are the two Dries necklaces right above it.

L to R: Tom Binns, Taher Chemirik; Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, Taher Chemirik; Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu.

Um... can someone buy me one of these? Just one... just one. I will love you forever, and I'll look really pretty with one of these around my neck or wrist, so really it's win-win for you... right? :D

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Fall Bags

It's my birthday! Yay!

Clockwise, starting at top left: Bottega Veneta, VBH, Proenza Schouler, Diane von Furstenburg, Anna Sui.

Please buy me one of these.

L to R, top to bottom: Tory Burch, Coach, Jimmy Choo; Givenchy, Gucci.

Thank you. :P

(Edited to add designers. Thanks, Wendy!)