Resort 2011

So I was looking through the pictures I had saved on my computer, I came across one other Resort 2011 collection I want to share with you guys.

It's by Bouchra Jarrar, a French and Moroccan designer. She's known how to use a sewing machine since age 12, she's been Balmain's Director of Studio and she's worked alongside Christian Lacroix. However, she truly shines (in my untrained eye's opinion) on her own. Check it out!

Please excuse the random skeletal foot... I'm trying to improve my Photoshop skillz. Bear with me!

Everyday Luxury

I remember reading something someone said a year or two ago (super-specific, I know). Basically, the gist was that you shouldn't leave your "nice" clothes/shoes/bag/whatever for a special occasion, because then you'll end up never/rarely wearing it, even though you really love it.

I totally agree with this idea. I mean, clearly, a floor-length ball gown isn't appropriate for class... but maybe you should wear that blouse you're "saving" for a nice dinner to class instead.

It's a hard habit to break out of, but one that is ultimately worth it, I think.

Another benefit of not saving your things is that you'll feel awesome. Seriously! You put on that skirt you've been saving and you'll be thinking, "Damn, I look good" all day. It's the perfect pick-me-up, especially if you're having a crappy day*.

What do you guys think? Do you think some pieces of clothing should definitely be saved for special occasions? Or do you not care?

* It's not quite the same thing, but when I have spent a few days in a row studying or writing papers, I get to a  point where I can't lounge in sweats anymore, so I put on some makeup and get dressed (leggings or jeans, though. I don't mean I get dressed up)... and head back to the books. It makes it a little more bearable, I swear!