Carolina Herrera Resort

Absolutely beautiful dresses here, and the quintessential C.Herrera outfit, too (second outfit above). My favorite here is the red chinoiserie dress.

Photos:, collage-power applied by me.

Exciting news!! (Part 2)

Jordana from Jordana Wants to Know asked me to do a guest post on Barbie's fashion from her inception to now. Check it out here!

Here's a little excerpt:

Guest Post: Barbie’s [Fashion] [R]Evolution

Malibu Barbie, 1971

You may have noticed that as time goes by, Barbie wears more revealing clothing – but I believe that’s (partly) a reflection of the times.  When was the last time you saw a teenage girl wearing a full length skirt?  Or even one that covers her knees?  Mattel has clothing designers for Barbie, and they do trend research like any other clothing company does; it’s not surprising that, in a time of miniskirts and shirts passing for dresses, Barbie shows a lot of leg.  That being said, there’s no real reason for Barbie to be nearly naked.  Mattel may have some ‘splaining to do for the skimpier outfits they sell.
But while regular Barbies have a few bad run-ins with overly shimmery fabric and a tad too much denim, collectible Barbies are dressed very differently.  These are the dolls that Mattel claims to market toward adult collectors, and are usually the ones that garner the most negative attention from those who claim that Barbie dresses like a hoochie (see this article by an angry mom).

Balenciaga Resort 2010

Highlights: Light and fresh color palette mixed with brights, neon eyeliner/shadow, shoes with chunky details,  clean lines.
Man, there really isn't much to say here, is there? I don't know how Ghesquiere does it, but there's something fresh, exciting, and most of all, original about Balenciaga each season.

I really would wear that black and white outfit. And the blue and yellow shoes! So much color!

I think I like Balenciaga most when the looks are retro-futuristic like they are here (above). Crisp outlines mixed with an air of "70's air stewardess" plus these strong colors, to me, screams "World of Tomorrow".

Some interesting news

An interesting/fun opportunity came up for me this week -- I'm doing a guest post! It'll be on a friend's blog very shortly. I'll keep you updated, of course.

P.S. Go USA! (for today's soccer game)

3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang Resort 2010

Highlights: Sweatshirt material, chunky bracelets, inventive neutrals (sage green), booties

In my book, Phillip Lim can do no wrong. I'm loving this collection and its laid-back elegance. These clothes are made for a woman who wants to look good, but doesn't want to spend tons of time thinking about what to wear.

Highlights: Flow. Nothing is skintight! Basic colors...very basic.

My favorites are the first two outfits in this picture. The pattern on the dress reminds me of a speckled bird's egg... so pretty! And that second outfit -- I'd love to wear a jumpsuit like that, all flowy, comfy-looking and very 70's.

Highlights: Drapey khakis, socks and sandals, oxblood outerwear.

I think this collection is the most "unlike" him that we've seen so far, but to me, this is a welcome change. Make no mistake, this is still recognizably Alexander Wang and there are definitely some familiar motifs, but there's something refreshing going on here. I love that drapey dress (or is it a vest and skirt?) in the first picture, as well as the folded up skirt, and the trench coat with the exaggerated sleeve tabs, and the -- well, you see where this is going. I like everything in this collection!

Highlights: The basic white shirt, reconstructed; leather shorts, sheer materials.

There's a lot of dressing inspiration to be had in these two collections, as usual. When was the last time you saw a blogger that wasn't inspired by Wang? Even I am!


Another outfit post... aren't you proud?

Well, okay, I kinda lied. It's not really an outfit post, since there's no picture of my actual outfit. I was wearing a gray cotton button-down and white knee-length pants (Are those capris? Or city shorts? Whatever.), but I looked really weird in the pics... so yeah. Anyway, I do have pics of the accessories I had on, yaaay.

Studded faux leather bag - Forever 21

Stud bracelet - Forever 21

Wang-"inspired" (bwahaha.) sunglasses - Forever 21 | Earrings - no idea

Thanks to Liz for taking these pics for me!

Casadei... you're killing me

These shoes are so beautiful! Alas... they are expensive to boot (no pun intended).

One day, my darlings, one day.

Photos: Casadei website

A new Mortal Kombat??

This was too cool not to post!! I really hope they make this into a movie. Enjoy!

Quick Looklet post

So proud of myself for this one, b/c it looks like an editorial... Ha! One can dream, right?

Bottega Veneta Resort 2011

This just might be my favorite resort collection -- blasphemy, I know. After all, what about Chanel? Well, Chanel was nice and all, but Bottega Veneta really caught my eye.

Highlights: Sumptuous leathers (as always), flowing fabrics, surf/sport influences, and easy, comfortable footwear.

So, what do you think about this collection? Boring, or refreshing? Or something in between?

This is what I do when I'm bored

Well, actually, I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, so I occupied myself by playing with the 21st century version of paper dress-up dolls. I absolutely love it's the perfect venue to try out crazy looks, and whoever selects the clothing they have does an awesome job picking a good mix of types of clothing ("style"-wise, I mean). And the models are so cute! It's changed a lot from a year ago when it was just a beta program, and I think it'll continue to get better. Anyway, that's enough of me rambling. Enjoy!

If you like these, let me know -- I've got lots more to post!

Photos: by me, via