December favorites

Hey y'all, I'm back with this month's music favorites! I'm posting them today so you guys can play them while you get ready for tonight's festivities. Check out the songs below, let me know what you think, and tell me about your plans for tonight!

1. "Locked Out of Heaven", Bruno Mars (I can't even express how much I sweat this song.)
2. "Luv Me", D-Unit
3. "F**kin' Problems", A$AP Rocky ft. 2 Chainz, Drake (erm... don't play this in front of impressionable children or your grandma... unless your g-ma is trill.)
4. "Lighters Up", Snoop Lion (lol) ft. Mike Posner
5. "Guap", Big Sean

No idea what the hell is up with that lion wearing a crown of thorns... *major side-eye*

6. "Don't You Worry Child", Swedish House Mafia
7. "XOX", Elijah Blake ft. Common
8. "Every Day", Eric Prydz
9. "Human", The Human League (I don't even know if I was born when this song came out, but it still goes!)
10. "Poppin Off", Watch the Duck

Happy New Year to you all. I want to thank you for continuing to read my blog, for engaging with me, and for generally being awesome. I wish I had money to do giveaways and things like that, but times are rough. I promise you though, I appreciate every single one of you, and when I come up, I'll take you with me. :) Anyway, I hope the new year brings you success and happiness.

Pre-Fall 2013 Collections: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alice + Olivia, Alexander Wang, BCBG Max Azria

The year is ending, things are wrapping up, but in the fashion world, we're already looking ahead to Fall 2013. Check out the offerings from a few designers below.

As you know, I love me some 3.1 Phillip Lim (even though I can't actually fit into any of it... at least I couldn't as of 2009), and this collection is no different. There's an interesting level of dishevelment here that I find very interesting, especially since the clothes themselves are pretty crisp and structured.

Of note: Clean construction, forest/hunting-inspired colors (oxblood, sand, ivory), animal prints and hooflike shoes, neat layering.

...that leopard print jacket, though. *swoon*

Not entirely sure why this photoshoot was set in the London Underground, but whatever -- I'll go along with it.

Of note: Leather pants and accessories, De Stijl style, a touch of schoolboy preppiness.

You guys know how much I dislike a wardrobe comprised only of black, white and gray, so this is really pushing it for me... I'll tell you what I do like though, those t-shirts (sweaters?) with the prints. I haven't seen detail pictures, but the print looks like black and white photos of fields. I'm down with that.

Of note: Simplicity, high-shine leather.

This was interesting... Not really sure what the whole collection is going for, but there are some really cool pieces here, like the blue and black jacket and the patterned dress. And the shoes... don't even get me started on those beauties.

Of note: Pale colors and chunky shoes to ground them, polished patchwork, nipped-in waists.

Madewell offer code just for y'all!

Hello all! I come bearing gifts.

For those of you who shop at Madewell -- or those of you who have been thinking about it, but have been daunted by those steep prices (*cough cough* me *cough cough*) -- you're in luck!

Use the offer code STYLE10 for 10% off your order. Enjoy, and tell me what you got!

DeNada review

A few weeks ago, DeNada offered to send me a piece to review. As an admirer of the brand for a few years now, I jumped at the chance.

I got the Slouch Rectangular hat in Lime, which thankfully, is not a neon color.* It's actually the color of a lime, a nice medium green. The hat itself is made of soft, cozy polyamide yarn, and most importantly, it didn't squeeze my head and give me a headache.**

I've always wanted to buy a hat or scarf from DeNada, but never was able to (for one reason or another), so I was quite happy to finally get my hands on a piece. I am pleased with the quality of the fabric, the construction, and the price. I have absolutely no complaints about this hat. Thanks again to DeNada for sending me the hat! I plan on rocking it all winter.

DeNada also makes turbans, gloves, scarves and more for men as well as women. Check them out; DeNada is well worth it.

* Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just wanted something darker.
** I bought a hat from H&M this weekend, and I legit have to prop the darn thing on my head because otherwise it squeezes the crap out of my head. Did I accidentally grab it from the kids section?? I don't even have a big head!

Am I the only one that does this?: Holiday Gift Guide edition

Whenever I see a holiday gift guide with categories, I use it like a quiz. I go through the whole thing, and I see what section most of the things I like fall under. (I am easily amused.)

With's guide, for example, it seems I am a... futuristic rebel. I love it! I can just imagine what a futuristic rebel would dress like.

Futuristic Rebel

November Favorites

Here are last month's favorites!

1. Function Music album, E-40 and Too Short
2. "Who Booty", John Hart ft. Iamsu (this song is so unintentionally hilarious)
3. "Oh! Dance", SKARF
4. "Play the Game Boy", A.M.E. (OB. SESSED.)

5. "I'm Different", 2 Chainz
6. "Christmas Eve", Justin Bieber
7. "Christmastime is Here", Vince Guaraldi Trio
8. "Figure 8" Ellie Goulding
9. "Losing You" Solange
10. "She is a Flirt", Babysoul ft. Yoo Jia

Let me know what you think, and share your favorites with me! I love learning about new artists, and language/genre is no barrier. :)

All the jewelry from my costume, glam rockers.
The Man with the Iron Fists, first time tailgating.

Lydell review

Last month, jewelry company Lydell NYC sent me some pieces to review. I mentioned that on Instagram a little while ago, but I'm finally getting to it now -- sorry for the delay!

I had asked for some different pieces, but the ones I wanted weren't in stock at the warehouse. The representative I spoke to sent me some other pieces instead: the Pave Link necklace and bracelet.

My first impression of the necklace was that it was really heavy. I wore the necklace to a friend's house, but I had a few issues with it at first.

The links seemed to twist around a lot, and I don't know if it's my Virgo perfectionism showing through, but I found myself fussing with it quite a bit to make sure it lay properly. Once on, some links flipped around during the night, so I felt like I kept having to fix it. If that sort of thing won't bother you, then I'd definitely recommend it.

 As for the bracelet, I have no complaints! I have always had pretty big wrists and fingers (makes it a b-word to find nice rings to wear), so the bracelet fit snugly -- not too tight -- on me.

 I really liked that just a few links had rhinestones on them, and I got quite a few compliments on the piece. I would certainly recommend this bracelet, and I plan on wearing it on New Year's Eve!

So far, I believe that both the necklace and bracelet are good quality and appropriately priced ($50 and $46, respectively). Check out Lydell NYC, and let me know what you think!

Sometimes I exercise, delicious chicken soup.
A Halloween present, early voting rocks!

Paris Fashion Week: AF Vandervorst, Alessandra Rich, Alexis Mabille, Balmain, Carven, Damir Doma, Dries Van Noten, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Guy Laroche, Isabel Marant, Kenzo, Manish Arora, Pedro Lourenco, Sonia Rykiel, Veronique Leroy

I'm just here for the hats. And the lady painted gold.

Am I the only one reminded of Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth? Her, mixed with Atreyu from Neverending Story. I approve. (After all, I do always joke that my dog looks like a miniature version of Falcor...)

I'm a little surprised that these Alexis Mabille sweatshirts aren't as popular as the Kenzo tiger (seen here, and here).

Of note: A cinched waist, flowing Western-inspired dresses, statement earrings.

I don't even know how I managed to narrow this down to only five outfits that I liked, because I was totally enraptured by this. The knit dresses... they're like armor made out of doilies.

Of note: Harlequin patterns, craftsmanship shown in leather and lace, nipped-in waistlines.

Oops, I forgot to put in the name. I believe this is Carven.

Of note: Intriguing cutouts, tomato reds, platform heels with ankle straps, bold collars, slightly full skirts.

Leather just isn't going anywhere, is it? Get hip, everybody. (Unless you're vegan, in which case, faux leather!)

I am a staunch advocate of pajama dressing.

Of note: Plaid in every imaginable form, smoking jackets, silky pajamas.

Of note: Not-quite-camouflage prints, a relatively somber palette.

Looks like Kenzo's not the only one with an interest in tigers. I'm really feeling this collection by Manish Arora. There's an obvious south Asian influence here that makes these pieces stand out while clearly being part of the sentiment/vocabulary that's going on right now in fashion. By that, I mean that I find this to be unique and totally relevant.

Of note: Gold embellishments, pastel mixes, beading and other ornamentation.

I want everything. That is all.

Of note: Romantic modernism -- an inviting color palette, clean and crisp lines. Metallic fabrics and graphics are our friends.

Here for the paint-smudged jumpsuit.

The ultimate fashion icon, a Thing 1 hairdo.
My first football game, favorite pants.

Gus' nicknames, the perfect Halloween sweater.
Nap time for Roxy, snakeskin.