Fall outfit ideas

I know I encourage shopping on this blog, but it's always nice when you can look through your own closet and find new ways to put outfits together. One of the best ways to do so is to layer.

Thanks to polyvore.com, you can check out some of the outfits I dreamed up (mainly so I wouldn't blow through my measly paycheck in one day of online shopping).

Outfit 1:

Outfit 2:

Outfit 3:

Outfit 4:

For details, click on the picture. Tell me what you think!

An apology...and some dresses!

I'm soooooooooooo sorry for not having updated in ages! I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me... I have a good excuse! School has been absolutely kicking my butt and I've been dealing with that, along with many other issues.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

I never thought I'd be the one to say this, but... I love dresses. They're pretty much the only thing I want to buy these days. I've got a lovely winter dress from the Alice Temperley for Target collection in grey thermal knit -- and it's quite possibly the warmest and most comfortable thing I own.

I also bought a white, kinda sheer summer dress from Target that I plan to wear this winter. Here's how I plan on wearing it:

I'd layer the green long-sleeve tee underneath the white dress and add the tights and knee high boots for warmth, then bundle up with a black puffy coat. If I ever get comfortable with the idea of taking pictures of myself and posting them on the internet, you can see how this looks in real life!

More cute dresses (all from Forever21.com):

Metallic Sweater Dress, $22.80

Floral Kimono dress, $27.80

Keyhole Sweater dress (front and back), $22.80

Runway Trends that Actually Work (*gasp*)

I was taking a break from cleaning my room (it's Fall Break, natch), and decided to actually make an effort for a dinner and movie with a friend later today.

The runway trend attempted -- Balenciagia's blazer + scarf. I did it with a black velvet blazer from a few years ago and a French silk scarf Mother Frocker gave to me (read: I stole it from her). After tying my scarf in a new way I learned earlier today,* I put on the blazer and faced the mirror, and...

It actually looked nice. Phew. Although it feels a little weird and choke-y to wear a scarf (hey, it's been 6 months!) right now, it looks great. So here are a few blazers and scarves to copy the look. Trust me, it'll look good.

All the blazers are from jcrew.com, and all the scarves can be found at dnystore.com. (All the pictures are from the same 2 places, of course.)

P.s. -- I like my scarves LOUD.

Look #1

Wool herringbone Bella Jacket, $198**;

Look #2 (aka, if you're gonna wear forest green, why not just look like a forest?)

Velvet Bella jacket, $158; 100% silk scarf, $15.99

Look #3

Super 120s 2-button jacket, $230;

* check out Hermes' website...even if I don't like that store, they still have a great guide on lots of different ways to tie your scarf. Oh, and you'll need Adobe Reader to view it -- it's a PDF)

**Yeah...sorry about these prices. It's J.Crew, and they feel the need to be mad expensive. I've never bought anything from there, but I'm assuming if these jackets are damn near $200-300, they are really good quality.

Ooh, another warning, the site I got the scarves from seems a
tad dubious, so buy at your own risk. I did get linked there from amazon.com though, so I think that means they're trustworthy. You can check with your credit card company to see if they do the one-time credit card number thing. Essentially, they'll give you a new credit card number for a single use, just in case you're buying from an online vendor you don't really trust.


Just so you know, I meant to publish this almost two months ago... I suppose it's still news-worthy, if you haven't heard from other blogs/magazines by now.

Cartier, the well-known jewellers, makes bags as well (something I apparently should have known already).

And they look amazing. Rich, soft, buttery leather, a beautiful and recognizable yet understated logo, and a new take on a classic shape.


Photo credits: www.thebaglady.tv

Wardrobe Staples

Let's talk coats.

As much as you want to deny it, cold weather is coming -- and soon. Since you've got to get bundled up anyway, why not make a splash??

Californians and Floridians, please ignore the following. You just keep wearing your short shorts. Grr.

(P.S. - These coats are ridiculously expensive, so these pictures are more for illustrative purposes. But if you wanna drop 3 thou on a coat, be my guest!)

All by Rick Owens, except the white Burberry cropped trench.

Photo creds: www.net-a-porter.com

Labels, labels, labels

Ladies and gents,

The Frocker is on a designer jag. My current wishlist:

- LG Prada phone (It's touch screen just like the iPhone, but it came out first! It's also over $500...oof.)

- Missoni scarf

- Stella by Stella McCartney eau de parfum


Beautiful Clothes from Designers You've Probably Never Heard Of: NY Fashion Week

Carlos Miele


Douglas Hannant


All photos from www.style.com

The Best of: NY Fashion Week

I figured this'll just be a picture post. You can judge for yourselves whether you like the pieces or not...


Calvin Klein

Donna Karan


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Monique Lhuillier

Naeem Khan

Zac Posen

All photos from www.style.com.

Wardrobe Staples

As you probably know, flat black boots have been in for a while and continue to prove themselves useful. Old news, right?

So why a post on this? Well, maybe now you're ready for a new pair. (Perhaps patent leather? Or perforated leather? There are endless choices!) Or, if you're like me, your favorite flat black faux suede boots (impractical, I know) were ruined in a freak hailstorm that lasted ALL DAY -- I like to call that "The Tragedy of Winter '06-'07".

Here are a few choice pairs:

Donya boot, $39.50 from alloy.com. Comes in black and white.

Ryder boot, $42.50 from alloy.com. Faux suede. Side zipper. Can be worn over the knee.

Leather, with gold detail. Stella boot, $248.00 from bananarepublic.com.

Gray suede (I know, I know, it's not black. Close enough!!). Birkin boot by Bettye Muller, $570.00. (These had better be magic boots...) from piperlime.com.

Leather pull-on boot. Brewster Leather Low Boot, $168.00 from jcrew.com.

I think my favorites are the J Crew boots. Sure, they're not the cheapest of the bunch, but they're leather, a classic shape (the tough look for boots will always be in; all that changes is the clothes you wear them with), and they look pretty sturdy. I walk on campus all the time, and it would be nice to have shoes that I can actually wear in the rain...