20% off at Isabella Oliver!

Isabella Oliver just won the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade! The Queen's Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a company. In celebration, the ladies at Isabella Oliver let me know that they're having a 20% of deal for today only (Wednesday, April 21st). So hop on over and enter QUEEN at checkout for your discount. Congrats, ladies!

Sometimes I get lucky... :D

For the first time ever (I believe), I entered a giveaway and won! It was on Twitter, hosted by Washington Post Fashion. They're sending me a MAC Lipglass in Sappho. I went on the MAC website to see what color it is, and ohhh it's so pretty! It's like a deep purple-y fuschia... so nice! And I'm happy it's a color I don't already have. Yay!!

The future looks wonderful... Holly Fulton, Louise Goldin, Mary Katrantzou

Gosh darn it, I love Holly Fulton. Her prints are awesome! I loved this collection, a perfect mix of Art Deco and futurism... and hip-hop?

Mmm, pointy hips. Don't these dresses look lovely and warm?

Mary Katrantzou... I really think she's the queen of digital prints. If you get a chance, go look at the detail pics from this collection. They're just awe-inspiring.

A little sparkle never hurt anyone... right?

As you might have known (if you follow me on Twitter), I finally uploaded pics from my camera onto my computer. I happened to come across some pics I took when I was trying to document some new purchases.

On a side note, anyone have tips for taking pics of new purchases? For some reason, they never turn out too well. I think it's because my room doesn't get much direct sunlight. Anyway --

Here's my hair accessory collection. I used to have all sorts of crazy stuff when I was a kid, but none of that would look quite right on me now, so I went to Forever21 and bought some hair clips a couple months ago. All this was part of an effort for me to leave my hair down more often, since I almost
always wear my hair up (which isn't even good for your hair, FYI). That hasn't gone so well, but ever since putting the clips out all nicely, I do use them more often.

Topshop Unique

Oh, how magical. Those eyebrows are "Where the Wild Things Are" meets Commander Worf, the Klingon from Star Trek. (OMG, yeah, I used to watch Star Trek when I was little. I am the hugest nerd ever! *sob*)

But anyway, back to the clothes. Those thigh-high socks look oh-so-comfy; can you imagine how warm they'd be alone, or even layered over tights? They're the perfect accessory to facilitate wearing shorts or miniskirts in cold weather.

Other loves thus far: That WWII-looking wool coat in the second picture, replete with patches; that expanse of shearling thrown across the shoulders and the wooly bag in the third picture; the bag around the waist and that sheer mini in the last picture.

Furry clogs in the first and last pictures?!?! I gotta find detail pics to verify. The coat in the third pic is to die for. Looks like the sleeves are woolen? Me likey.

Fur gloves and fur vest, ohhhh yes! Unnecessary slaughter of stuffed animals (Mr. Binky, is that you?! *sniffle*), NO, NO NO!


I'm still going through pictures from Fashion Week; sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, eh? Actually, I keep looking at some collections over and over -- Erdem's definitely one of them. Take a gander...
That is an awesome trench coat! I really hate trenches (for some reason, they look awful on me, so I avoid them like the plague), but this one really caught my eye. I love the shearling-lined extra collar, though those flaps over the bust and those huge pockets probably aren't the most flattering. Interesting prints too (see below)...
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The link's over here --->
or if you're feeling lazy, click here. Woot!

Hot as Hades

This is what I hate about DC weather... the insane temperatures and humidity. Together. At the same time.

I wore jeans today, which was a big mistake. I need to go shopping for shorts ASAP!

LOL Smileyface?

Ha... that song makes me want to jump out of a window. Actually, that's how I feel about most Trey Songz songs.

But back to the point. If you look over there --->

you'll see that I have a Twitter account now. Woot. So add me: www.twitter.com/FrockYeah!

Check out this blog!

I just stumbled across this blog, The Door in my Wardrobe. I love, love, LOVE the way she dresses... she has been the breath of fresh air I desperately needed recently! She's avant garde without being harsh, we have similar body types (so I can more easily see how things would look on me), and she's got a wonderful sense of humor. Wow... I think I have a crush! ;)

Anyway, check out her blog. She's cool.

It's like wearing pajamas...

I don't know, dude... it's been a very gray week so far. In terms of clothing, I mean. The weather, on the other hand, is picking up quite nicely. By the end of the week, it'll hit 80! (Which is actually WAY too hot for me, but I'm just happy it's not freezing cold or raining.)

Anyway, here's what I wore today:

That MAC nail polish is the business. Also, gray eyeliner is my new love.

Unlike yesterday's illustration, none of the clothes here are actually what I wore. I actually wore light flats instead of oxfords (though I really want to get the ones in the Polyvore pic!), my coin necklace doesn't look like that, the shirt I was wearing was similar in color but was actually bigger because it's a men's shirt, and finally, the pants I was wearing are actually dress pants made out of sweatpant material... Is that jersey? Anywho, sweatpant dress pants (as I'll call them for now) are the bomb. For real, I felt like I was wearing pajamas. If I could get away with wearing those same pants every day, I so would. Actually, there's a pair of jersey pants on asos.com that I've been eyeing. I think they're $50, and the waistband is khaki cotton -- hotness!

Edit: On a side note, please excuse the wrong dates on the outfit pics. I am... a doofus, basically.