NYFW (and one interloper)

Easily one of the more wearable collections (not that there isn't something to say for the "un-wearable"). I love the idea of sheer, striped fabric. Look at that dress with the sheer back. First of all, it's so cute! Second, can't you imagine wearing this by the water? I'm thinking on the docks in the Chesapeake somewhere... Two other favorites are the sweatshirt material dress (cozy, but not sloppy), and the cardigan in the first outfit.

This collection reminds me of Erin Fetherston without the cuteness factor. Maybe Erin Featherston plus United Bamboo = Wes Gordon? Oh, fashion math. Anyway, I really like the full skirts -- though they look terrible on me -- and the skirted coat. As well as the slim pants. Nice!

One word -- velvet. *prances around happily*

Nicholas K is definitely one of my early favorites. I really like this urban look. DSquared often does it as well. I don't know what it is... to me, it looks so put together, while remaining edgy. And those "flatforms" (ugh, don't like that word) are awesome.

Okay, this actually shouldn't be in my NYFW post, but I had to sneak it in because Givenchy = genius.

Fashion Week Posts

Hey all,

You guys know I always do Fashion Week posts. I'll still do them this time, but I am so busy with school and my thesis that I don't feel that I have time to write up much. So it'll just be collages for the time being, BUT what I think I will do (when I have a little more time) is go back and write blurbs for some of them. When/if I do that, I'll re-post them so you don't have to click back -- so if something looks awfully familiar, that's why. Hope you're all enjoying Fashion Week(s)!


I don't really need to say much about this collection. Just enjoy the photos.

My new shoes!

They're Violet Beauregard blue. (Heh.) I wear skateboarding sneakers a lot because they're the most comfortable shape for my feet... and they often look pretty cool. These are actually from the boys' section in Target. I never thought about shopping there before, but I'll definitely take a look next time I'm looking for sneakers.