Nerdy Cool?

I came across this store, Lazy Oaf, via March Rabbits... I didn't like any of their clothes, because I thought they were a little too cutesy for my age, but they have a lot of scarves, bags, keychains, etc. that I liked.

For example: There's this calculator watch which comes in a lovely lilac/lavender color. Girly nerd.

This casette tape purse. Music nerd.

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this necklace... I'm not an oaf. But it is kind of cute... Oaf nerd.

And finally, this necklace (my favorite). Night of the Living Hunter nerd.

Elie Tahari Pre-Fall

Highlights: High-heeled mules (which are enjoying a comeback, along with clogs), bright florals, lots of sparkle, "statement" necklaces.

I loooooooooove this collection, but looking back at it, it does seem like a bunch of trends thrown together. Not that it's bad, but there is a lot going on here. I'm slowly making my way into florals, but even these aren't quite my cup of tea. What I do like, however, is that slouchy taupe jacket (second from the right), the necklaces, and the sparkly (seemingly sari-inspired) orange skirt.

H&M and Natasha Poly... aka, I'm a pretty, pretty princess... and you can be, too.

You know you want it. What's cool is, these clothes are made out of recycled materials, like PET bottles. Yay for green fashion! (Or you could be even more green and not buy this stuff. Just sayin'.)

Photos from H&M

Givenchy Pre-Fall

Highlights: Every frickin' thing! Okay, really. Um... platform shoes, jackets that hit between the waist or hip, black vs. pastel/neutrals, lots of leather.

Is this even fair anymore? Tisci = the shiznit. Here we see the structural leggings (I don't know what to call them!) that are popping up now. It's so cool to see leather and knits together in the same garment, and they look far more substantial than the usual legging. Some brilliant coats, like in the third photo, and even a Nightingale rolling suitcase!

Moral of the story? Keep the silhouette slim, except for a coat with an interesting shape, go all black/gray/white or add in one touch of color, and don't forget those killer accessories.

Narciso Rodriguez Pre-Fall

Highlights: Cocoon coats, patchwork tights.

I've been seeing a lot of leggings like this lately, with more than one fabric or more than one texture. They certainly adds a lot of visual interest to an outfit... with these leggings, you probably wouldn't want to have much else in your outfit to compete with them.

Makeup, Part 2

On a happier note...

So remember how I said I was looking for lipstick
and that I had borrowed my friend in England's before?
Well... Since she is
seriously amazing, she SENT ME LIPSTICK IN THE MAIL! What a good friend. Love you, Caz! I'm supposed to go out for DC Restaurant Week tonight, so maybe I'll wear it then.

Earthquake in Haiti

Well, I was really hoping to have better news today, but that just didn't happen. If you haven't heard, there was a major earthquake in Haiti. Thousands might be dead, and Haiti doesn't have the resources to go through any disaster relief emergency plan. Obviously, other countries like the U.S. and Canada will pledge help, but every bit of help is needed. Text YELE to 501501 and donate 5 dollars to earthquake relief in Haiti.

Even if you can't help monetarily, please keep the citizens of Haiti and their family in your prayers and/or thoughts.

Christopher Kane's atom bombs

I had posted before about Kane's collection that features atom bombs, mentioning that I thought it was interesting and beautiful. Unbeknownst to me and several people, some of the images he used (actually, it may be just one, but that's not the point) is an actual photo of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Check out Phosphene's blog for more discussion of this. As I said in the comments there, I can no longer say that I like these pieces, and I'm sorry if I ruined some art for you but... I can't really stomach looking at them anymore, and I obviously felt moved enough to blog about it.

Moving on to happier subjects...