I don't think I write about makeup often on this blog, but I have been thinking about it a
lot lately. What about it, you ask?

Ahem. I LOVE makeup!

But I rarely ever wear it.

I usually leave the house with Burt's Bees and maybe some lip gloss on over that... mainly because I get ready for class about 10 minutes before I'm supposed to leave. When I go out, however, I go all out with the makeup.

Anyway, what I've been thinking about is that I really need to add some more tricks to my repertoire, along with some more products. For instance, I need to find the Perfect Red Lipstick, PRL for short. (Can we make this into a popular little acronym, like LBD? Please?)

I had a brief encounter with it in 2006 (see below), on Halloween. Unfortunately, the lipstick belonged to a friend of mine (Hi, Caz! Love you!) and I can't remember the brand
or the name of the color.
Don't mind the death stare... I was supposed to be the Grim Reaper. See my sickle in the corner?

Somehow, I seem to only wear red lipstick on Halloween. I have red lippy I have now, but it's a little too muted/orange-y. Maybe I should bring the other pic in to MAC so they can help me find something like it?

What about you guys? Any makeup wishes/wants? Who knows, maybe someone in the comments can help you with that look you're trying to achieve...


  1. hiii, yep, fellow science nerd blogger here. are you too? :)

    you look great! experimenting with makeup looks like major fun. i'm always so tempted to walk into sephora when i pass it, but then i remember, "oh, i don't wear makeup." i'm absolutely useless with blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick...i have no idea how to use that stuff >__<

  2. Like the colour of the lip stick

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