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Just another look I made. Looklet is so much fun!

Cherry blossoms

Yeah, like 4 weeks late!

Better late than never, eh?

These are some pictures my friend took. My camera is still out of commission, because I am lazy.

Photos: Courtesy of LizBee86.

Film Noir

I just finished watching this movie.

I put it on my Netflix queue because I was trying to find this movie I had watched as a child and
loved. Alain Delon in a trench coat looked really familiar, so I picked a movie he was in, pretty much at random -- that turned out to be Le Samourai. The best part about this? I picked the right movie! I'm obsessed with this film (and will definitely be buying it ASAP), so lots of pics:

This one is my favorite picture, other than the DVD cover.

And lest you think this has nothing to do with fashion, check out this Samourai-inspired shirt by the French designers Sixpack.
Unfortunately, this limited edition is sold out, but thanks to the internet, it lives on. Funny thing is, they picked the absolute worst picture of Delon I've ever seen. He looks absolutely gorgeous in the movie!

Photos:,,,,,, and, respectively. Thanks to Google Images, of course.
In today's totally random news, I got a facebook invite from Cynthia Rowley. How funny is that? It's a good thing I love her clothing... :)
So the next few weeks are really important for me... as in, they direct how the rest of my life goes, so I'll be taking a break from blogging for a while. I really need to focus on school right now, but I will be back, because try as I might (though I don't really), I can't stop blogging.

Anyway, I want to thank all of you who read my blog and post comments. I appreciate your patronage :P But really, I enjoy talking to you and learning about your opinions, and I hope to see you here again when I have more free time.

Good News and Bad News: Matthew Williamson for H&M

I just got this email today.

Good news:
British designer, Matthew Williamson will join the ranks of Karl Lagerfeld and
Roberto Cavalli creating an exclusive women’s collection. Available in the following stores April 23rd. Mark your calendars.

Atlanta: Atlantic Station, 231 18th St.
Boston: 100 Newbury St.
Chicago: 840 North Michigan Avenue
Los Angeles: Beverly Center
New York: 34th and Broadway
New York: 51st and 5th
New York: 59th and Lexington
San Francisco: 150 Powell St.

Bad new: If you don't live in or near these cities, you're S.O.L. That includes me. Boo.

Dress Codes: Looks that Work Now

This editorial from New York Times has a West Side Story vibe. Thusly, I love it. See what I mean? Photos:

Central Saint Martins

I completely forgot to add the Central Saint Martins collection this year, mainly because made it really hard to figure out who made what (at first). They used to put the designer's name in the white space right next to the photo, but this year they didn't do that. I checked again though, and the slideshow was updated, so now you can know exactly who did what.

PUMA Central Saint Martins Bursary Award: Laura Mackness, Katie Greenwood (respectively)

Derek Lawlor

Abigail Briggs

Laura Mackness

David Koma

Oden Wilson

These students are so talented! Okay, that was an understatement... but I really hope they get the recognition they deserve.


Peter Pilotto

these are some florals I can hang with.

Speaking of florals, I'm going to see the cherry blossoms today. Hopefully there'll be some good pictures to post!

Gap Fall '09

Boy, am I looking forward to Gap's Fall '09 collection being in stores. Patrick Robinson is really revamping Gap's image -- finally! I'm glad that the company is finally moving away from overly-basic basics.

I love the cropped pants and boots. I'm also digging the first coat, though I hope it comes in other colors. I have way too many brown things! (And by "too many," I mean like, five things. That's way too much for me.)

Cute hats, and again, the boots. That first blazer looks quite nice as well.

I love the slouchy ease of the second outfit. All these things look uber-comfy.

I must have that jacket (last photo)!! I'm a sucker for funky lapels. The pants in the second picture are pretty hot, too.

Coming to a store near you, hopefully sooner rather than later!