Film Noir

I just finished watching this movie.

I put it on my Netflix queue because I was trying to find this movie I had watched as a child and
loved. Alain Delon in a trench coat looked really familiar, so I picked a movie he was in, pretty much at random -- that turned out to be Le Samourai. The best part about this? I picked the right movie! I'm obsessed with this film (and will definitely be buying it ASAP), so lots of pics:

This one is my favorite picture, other than the DVD cover.

And lest you think this has nothing to do with fashion, check out this Samourai-inspired shirt by the French designers Sixpack.
Unfortunately, this limited edition is sold out, but thanks to the internet, it lives on. Funny thing is, they picked the absolute worst picture of Delon I've ever seen. He looks absolutely gorgeous in the movie!

Photos:,,,,,, and, respectively. Thanks to Google Images, of course.


  1. Now I really feel like watching movies that aren't sugarcoated with hollywood and overproduction. hey hey, trebuchet ms ftw! :P I never knew it looked that good until I saw it in normal text size, and mind you, it's not a font every designer will choose for their text! Always so pleasant getting comments from you btw <3


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