Central Saint Martins

I completely forgot to add the Central Saint Martins collection this year, mainly because style.com made it really hard to figure out who made what (at first). They used to put the designer's name in the white space right next to the photo, but this year they didn't do that. I checked again though, and the slideshow was updated, so now you can know exactly who did what.

PUMA Central Saint Martins Bursary Award: Laura Mackness, Katie Greenwood (respectively)

Derek Lawlor

Abigail Briggs

Laura Mackness

David Koma

Oden Wilson

These students are so talented! Okay, that was an understatement... but I really hope they get the recognition they deserve.

Photos: www.style.com


  1. I really love how they're so different from eachother, and I'm sure many studied in the same studio! Love how playful the yellow and peach/pink collection is by Laura Mackness hehe

  2. I really like Abigail Briggs desings, they kinda make me think of Vuokko Nurmesniemis desings (finnish designer), wow they are all so talented :D

  3. Wow all the students are brilliant! I love Derek Lawlor and David Koma's collections.


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