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Rag & Bone

Reem Acra

Roberto Cavalli


When I get around to it, Mens' and Haute Couture collections.

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year (kinda late, but still)! Here are two festive outfits.

First, something dressy, yet edgy:

Chinese New Year 1
Chinese New Year 1 - by silentspring on Polyvore.com

Now something more my speed:

Chinese New Year 2
Chinese New Year 2 - by silentspring on Polyvore.com

Gong hei fat choi! (God, I hope I spelled that right!)

Spring 2009 Shopping Guide

I really like the features style.com has every season. Even when, like me, you've seen just about every runway show, there are some pieces you forget about or overlook, and it's nice to see the "must-haves*" in one place.

Unfortunately, they've wised up and made it so you can't save the pictures, but check it out here.

On a side note, style.com has started to feature things that are actually cheap, like Hot Topic accessories and Steve Madden shoes.

* The "must-haves" according to style.com, at least.


So I'm going to a Madonna+Michael Jackson+Prince dance party later this month. I want to dress a little '80s, but not obviously so -- so no leggings, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, no 10 colors in one outfit. Basically, I just want a subtle nod to the '80s; I don't want to look like I'm wearing a halloween costume.

That being said, I have a few items that I've been thinking about. I have an electric blue t-shirt with a cool print, a silver chain necklace (think Givenchy's layered necklaces) and a gold necklace that I can steal from my mom (think Run DMC and other old-school rappers). I also have a silver leather jacket that people call "the Michael Jackson jacket."* Oh, I also have glow-in-the-dark green Nikes.

I've got a few things kicking around, but nothing is really standing out. I need your help though! I welcome any ideas

*Obviously, I'm not gonna wear these all at once.

That's right. by silentspring

Man, I want this outfit. Curse you, joblessness!! But yeah, this outfit is pretty indicative of my style at the moment. Mostly masculine, with a little femininity. As you may have gathered, I'm not too into typically "girly" clothing... but even I can't resist a nice blouse.

In other news, have you heard about the 3D horror movie? It's called My Bloody Valentine. I think I'm gonna go see it...