Couture Shows '10

So I could have sworn I had already written this post, but I think something happened to Blogger... whatever. Here we go!

Highlights: Nudes and blacks, sheer, feathers and ruffles.

I must say, Givenchy couture is not the same as most couture collections. To me, it seems more like ready-to-wear. It lacks the ostentatious theatricality (Gleek shout-out! Ha.) that you may see at, say, a Dior show. Still, the drama is there -- there's nothing subtle about a lace jumpsuit or a dress with a heavily ruffled, ombre train.

By the looks of it, sheer fabrics and lace aren't going anywhere for now. That cape is pretty awesome, isn't it? Finally, I think you'll recognize that last dress; Zoe Saldana wore it.

Highlights: Rolled up sleeves, open-toe boots, LOTS of sequins

Despite all those aforementioned sequins, there's still a boyish air about this collection, which probably comes from the blazers, button-downs and pants. Before you say "well, duh," think about it: those three pieces aren't always masculine. Here, though, they are. There is, however, a sense that the masculinity is tempered by fabric choices -- a silk or satin pant, sequins thrown on top of everything...

And just look at that dazzling shirt on the right. It's making my corneas hurt... in a good way.

Highlights: Serious shine, subtle horizontal stripes, a cool palette, major jewelry.

Inspired by the moon, this collection captured the silvery light, coolness and mystery of the night. (Ha, how corny did that sound??) But really, it all makes perfect sense when you look at the collection.

Here, we have a full moon... not the kind that involves dropping your pants. But anyway, back to the dress. The neck part seems kind of uncomfortable, but this is definitely an attention-grabber. Definitely the classic type of couture.

The last outfit is, I think, one of the more clever interpretations of the moon theme. In the suit jacket, you get just a sliver of silver -- say that three times fast -- representing the crescent moon, which is echoed softly directly below in the skirt. You wouldn't necessarily think it had anything to do with the moon if you saw it alone, but in either context (inside the collection, or standing alone), it's still beautiful, classic, and quite wearable.

And finally, we come to Alexis Mabille, who... decided to dress Two-Face's wife?? Jokes aside, it actually looks pretty cool. Would you ever consider mismatching your shoes like they did here? I suppose I would, if the shoes looked similar and the colors actually went with my outfit... It's hard to pull this look off without looking like a clown, don't you think?


Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Part 2

A few more detail shots from JPG's couture showing.

I wonder if they'll sell that leg brace? With a little bit of effort, you could probably actually DIY this... the only thing is, I think leather is tough to sew through. Also, look at the shoes... they're like mary jane cowboy boots! Weird, but cute.

Gosh, I want all the jewelry on this model's arm. Note to self: Find a shoulder brace...

Grass bag!

The amount of folding in this corset is just...insane. It's so beautiful though -- the pattern made by the folds is mesmerizing.

More armor.


Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Part 1 savaged this collection, but I thought it was breath-taking. To be fair, at first, I was thinking, "What in the hell...?" but as I continued to click through, I became entranced by the clothes. These were way too nice to put into a collage as I usually do, so excuse the length of this post (and loading time), but I had to present these separately. Enjoy!

I love the corset detail in the back of the jean jacket. I still think it's kind of unwearable, but what a great, unique detail!

The pantalones... so flowy and pretty! (On a side note, don't the hats and braids give off a "Captain Jack Sparrow" vibe?)

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger, I want that jewelry! I loooove turquoise, and how imaginative is that ring cluster? I assume it's all attached, but even if it isn't, it's still pretty cool.

I think these are the prettiest tattoo leggings I've ever seen. Not that I've seen a whole lot of them, but I think some other designer used them not too long ago. The name is totally escaping me though... Do you know who it was? Was it Rodarte? Idk.

Seriously? Seriously. The bag looks like it's made of leaves. I believe it's actually strips of leather, but how fitting is it to have a "leaf" bag with a dress that looks like an explosion in a greenhouse (in a good way)?

I'd love to know the story behind this one... what's up with the blood-stained throw/scarf?

These warrior looks were my favorites of the whole collection. Look at the leg brace!

Overall, I really liked this collection. Tell me -- what do you think?

Photos from, as usual.

Random music post -- Frankmusic

This song is pretty darn old, but I still haven't gotten tired of it.

That being said, his hair really freaks me out... the mixture of it and the buttoned up shirt really screams "totalitarian regime" for some reason. *shrug*
Jacket Forever 21 | Loose t-shirt Old Navy | Chain necklace American Eagle | Skinny jeans Simply Vera Wang (Kohls)

Grainiest outfit picture ever... let's just pretend it's supposed to be an effect... Yeah, let's call it the "vintage 70's photos" look, hmm?

Wore this out to meet some friends for drinks. Yay, booze! I mean, uh -- "Teen drinking is very bad." (Kudos to you if you recognize those lyrics.)

To Keep in Mind for Fall's Top 10 must-haves for this coming fall are as follows (my reactions in italics):

Um... okay.

1. Flares
Really? I hate flares. They don't look good on just anyone, and more often than not, you just look like a pre-teen or someone lost in the 70s. I think I just have a bad association with flares... they remind me of cheap ass stores like DEB. Bleh!

2. Velvet
I love velvet, but I've come to the realization that you have to be careful or you'll end up looking like a pimp. Like Huggy Bear or something.

3. A camel coat

I can't think of anything more potentially boring than a camel coat, but that plain ass color allows a garment's shape to take precedence. So as long as it's not plain in color and in style, you'll be all right.

4. A shearling

YES, LORD! I need a shearling coat. Burberry, Balmain (I think it was Balmain), and others have done shearling these past few seasons (at least the most recent one). Get on this, ASAP.

5. Statement gloves
The ones that come to mind were ones by Givenchy, I believe. Black, with tons of studs. You probably saw them online somewhere.

6. A fur bag
Why in the hell would you need a fur bag?

7.Short, cuffed jeans

Okay, I'll give them this. Short jeans are cool... very A.Hepburn (did she even wear jeans?).

8. A cropped sweater

Yes, yes, yes! Just don't forget to wear layers, or you'll catch pneumonia of the bellybutton.

9. A longer skirt

...Maybe a little reactionary, but worthwhile. A longer skirt is, sometimes, a bolder look than a mini. I like this look the most when it's kind of "austere Amish". Picture this, a black hat a la Demeulemeester/Whodini, a jersey maxi skirt, black leather jacket, and a loose white tank tucked in. Not something I would wear, but a look I greatly enjoy and appreciate.

10. A double-breasted jacket

Yeah... I really don't know about this. There's nothing wrong with double-breasted jackets, but as a "must have"? I don't know.

Michael Kors Pre-Fall

Not really sure why I never posted this, but in honor of this positively fall-like weather...

Highlights: Black (booooo!), heels with straps and cutouts, sheer fabrics, zipper details.

Sorry for the surprise boob attack... (which means that this pic will probably soon disappear from Blogger, grr)

Anyway, finally something I like from Michael Kors. My favorite is the second dress with the leather peplum detail. It's just so ladylike, but like a "lady" from the year 2110. Other favorites are the sheer polka dot blouse and the zipper detail dress.

Zac Posen for Target

So I bought some things from his line... Pictures eventually, mmkay. I tweeted that some of it grew on me, which is true.

The rest of it, however... NOT AT ALL. Some of that stuff was just hideous. The leather jacket was so incredibly ugly. Was that real leather and suede? I'm assuming so since it was like $200+. But boo0000 for that.

Another one was this ridiculously ugly chambray dress.

The beautiful color caught my eye, but when I put it on, I just didn't get it. There was WAY too much fabric, the drawstring didn't work right... this thing made me look like I gained an extra 30 pounds or something. Ugh. Not a fan. Please 'scuse the graininess, I took this with my phone.

Forever 21 package

So a little while ago, I ordered some stuff from for the first time. Service was pretty good -- in fact, the only problem I had was with UPS, whom I really dislike. I wish more people used FedEx.

Anyway, I got a pair of earrings* and a super cute knit gray motorcycle jacket. And because I was bored, and because I like getting packages, I took pics of me opening it. Wow, I really need a hobby. :P

Please excuse this blurry ass picture!

These earrings were identical to a pair I had bought at Target the previous week, except these were like 5 bucks and the ones from Target were $16 or something! I'm glad I got the cheaper ones, but I will say that the Target ones were better quality. That being said, the more expensive ones were really heavy and I was worried they'd stretch out my earlobes.

I loooooove this jacket! I wear it all the time, even when it's way too hot for it. When open, it falls like a "waterfall" type jacket, and of course, when zipped up, it's a motorcycle look. I'm obsessed! It was around $25 or $26, and the quality is nice (enough). I'd say it was a good buy.