Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Part 1 savaged this collection, but I thought it was breath-taking. To be fair, at first, I was thinking, "What in the hell...?" but as I continued to click through, I became entranced by the clothes. These were way too nice to put into a collage as I usually do, so excuse the length of this post (and loading time), but I had to present these separately. Enjoy!

I love the corset detail in the back of the jean jacket. I still think it's kind of unwearable, but what a great, unique detail!

The pantalones... so flowy and pretty! (On a side note, don't the hats and braids give off a "Captain Jack Sparrow" vibe?)

Sweet baby Jesus in a manger, I want that jewelry! I loooove turquoise, and how imaginative is that ring cluster? I assume it's all attached, but even if it isn't, it's still pretty cool.

I think these are the prettiest tattoo leggings I've ever seen. Not that I've seen a whole lot of them, but I think some other designer used them not too long ago. The name is totally escaping me though... Do you know who it was? Was it Rodarte? Idk.

Seriously? Seriously. The bag looks like it's made of leaves. I believe it's actually strips of leather, but how fitting is it to have a "leaf" bag with a dress that looks like an explosion in a greenhouse (in a good way)?

I'd love to know the story behind this one... what's up with the blood-stained throw/scarf?

These warrior looks were my favorites of the whole collection. Look at the leg brace!

Overall, I really liked this collection. Tell me -- what do you think?

Photos from, as usual.


  1. I agree! Sometimes a collage can take away from them individually. These definitely deserve to be taken in one by one :)

    xx FujiFiles

  2. I'm glad you agree :) Thanks for stopping by!


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