Jacket Forever 21 | Loose t-shirt Old Navy | Chain necklace American Eagle | Skinny jeans Simply Vera Wang (Kohls)

Grainiest outfit picture ever... let's just pretend it's supposed to be an effect... Yeah, let's call it the "vintage 70's photos" look, hmm?

Wore this out to meet some friends for drinks. Yay, booze! I mean, uh -- "Teen drinking is very bad." (Kudos to you if you recognize those lyrics.)


  1. Cute! Liking that necklace of yours lady! Let's see a full outfit pic !!

  2. Haha, yeah... I know! I have to find somewhere to set up my tripod so I can take full-length pics. Till then, you're stuck with seeing just 1/2 of me :P

  3. Ohh I LOVE YOUR ... Well ... "Collier" I am french and I don't what is the English word :/
    See you !

  4. Thank you, Elsa!

    And Camille, the word for collier is "necklace". Mais, si tu veux me parler en francais, vas-y -- je vais te comprendre! :D


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