Forever 21 package

So a little while ago, I ordered some stuff from for the first time. Service was pretty good -- in fact, the only problem I had was with UPS, whom I really dislike. I wish more people used FedEx.

Anyway, I got a pair of earrings* and a super cute knit gray motorcycle jacket. And because I was bored, and because I like getting packages, I took pics of me opening it. Wow, I really need a hobby. :P

Please excuse this blurry ass picture!

These earrings were identical to a pair I had bought at Target the previous week, except these were like 5 bucks and the ones from Target were $16 or something! I'm glad I got the cheaper ones, but I will say that the Target ones were better quality. That being said, the more expensive ones were really heavy and I was worried they'd stretch out my earlobes.

I loooooove this jacket! I wear it all the time, even when it's way too hot for it. When open, it falls like a "waterfall" type jacket, and of course, when zipped up, it's a motorcycle look. I'm obsessed! It was around $25 or $26, and the quality is nice (enough). I'd say it was a good buy.


  1. Oooh! You're lucky!
    Forever 21 is such an amazing shop!
    I bought some crazy things there during a trip in the USA!
    I like your website!

  2. Thank you for commenting! Well, I'm not exactly lucky, I did have to buy this stuff ;)

    Does Forever 21 not ship to where you are?

  3. Haha! I suppose that you had to buy them, otherwise it would be amazing! :)
    I think it does deliver in France, but i didn't try. I definetly have to do it!
    Where do you live? R u in the USA?


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