Couture Shows '10

So I could have sworn I had already written this post, but I think something happened to Blogger... whatever. Here we go!

Highlights: Nudes and blacks, sheer, feathers and ruffles.

I must say, Givenchy couture is not the same as most couture collections. To me, it seems more like ready-to-wear. It lacks the ostentatious theatricality (Gleek shout-out! Ha.) that you may see at, say, a Dior show. Still, the drama is there -- there's nothing subtle about a lace jumpsuit or a dress with a heavily ruffled, ombre train.

By the looks of it, sheer fabrics and lace aren't going anywhere for now. That cape is pretty awesome, isn't it? Finally, I think you'll recognize that last dress; Zoe Saldana wore it.

Highlights: Rolled up sleeves, open-toe boots, LOTS of sequins

Despite all those aforementioned sequins, there's still a boyish air about this collection, which probably comes from the blazers, button-downs and pants. Before you say "well, duh," think about it: those three pieces aren't always masculine. Here, though, they are. There is, however, a sense that the masculinity is tempered by fabric choices -- a silk or satin pant, sequins thrown on top of everything...

And just look at that dazzling shirt on the right. It's making my corneas hurt... in a good way.

Highlights: Serious shine, subtle horizontal stripes, a cool palette, major jewelry.

Inspired by the moon, this collection captured the silvery light, coolness and mystery of the night. (Ha, how corny did that sound??) But really, it all makes perfect sense when you look at the collection.

Here, we have a full moon... not the kind that involves dropping your pants. But anyway, back to the dress. The neck part seems kind of uncomfortable, but this is definitely an attention-grabber. Definitely the classic type of couture.

The last outfit is, I think, one of the more clever interpretations of the moon theme. In the suit jacket, you get just a sliver of silver -- say that three times fast -- representing the crescent moon, which is echoed softly directly below in the skirt. You wouldn't necessarily think it had anything to do with the moon if you saw it alone, but in either context (inside the collection, or standing alone), it's still beautiful, classic, and quite wearable.

And finally, we come to Alexis Mabille, who... decided to dress Two-Face's wife?? Jokes aside, it actually looks pretty cool. Would you ever consider mismatching your shoes like they did here? I suppose I would, if the shoes looked similar and the colors actually went with my outfit... It's hard to pull this look off without looking like a clown, don't you think?



  1. I love the half-and-half dresses!

  2. Me too :) At first I was like "What in the hell??" but they *are* pretty cool.


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