NYFW: Cynthia Rowley, Creatures of the Wind, Cushnie et Ochs, Christian Siriano, Custo Barcelona and Costello Tagliapietra

 Shiny florals! Who would've known that that would look good? Big ups to Cynthia Rowley for the high-shine collection. I'm now in the market for some look-at-me florals, gold shoes, and structured (scuba gear inspired?) dresses.

 I think this is a new line... me gusta! Reminiscent of Balenciaga and Christian Cota, yet fresh and inventive. I adore the color choices here, though I did find the floral prints a little on the dowdy side.

 Cushnie et Ochs, you clever ladies. Way to redefine peplum. Hell yes, I want a metal peplum detail on my dress. Fantastic!

 Seriously, Custo Barcelona, seriously? I love it. ALL of it. The prints are so Dali-weird... there are faces, and flowers, and I'm pretty sure I saw a giraffe in there somewhere. Don't even get me started on the shoes. If there was one collection from this season so far that I really, really wish I could get my hands on, it's this one. Bravo!

New York Fashion Week: Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Christian Cota, Charlotte Ronson

Betsey Johnson has never really been my cup of tea, though I did admire her insistence on youthfulness and fun. I mean, really -- can you call a lady who does cartwheels and splits at the end of her shows uptight? I definitely enjoyed this collection. Even though it was a mishmash of styles, I think all of the patterns and silhouettes showed scream "Betsey". Favorites of mine: The studded bustier, the half colored-in florals, the sheer trench, and all the ruffles and lace!

Another designer who's never really been my cup of tea. This time around, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Carolina Herrera plus a shot of graphic direction are a match made in heaven. I particularly liked all the uses for the short stripes shown. Vertical patterns, blocks of sheer/opaque, the belts, as piping... it showed up nearly everywhere, and I thoroughly approve.

Christian Cota is a perennial favorite here at Frock Yeah. I don't really have much to say that I haven't said about Cota before, but again: I love the silhouettes, the color palette, the presentation. The only thing I didn't really like this time around is the shoes.

I should have titled this post "People I Don't Usually Like, and One I'm Obsessed With". Ronson is yet another designer who I never really liked (I only warmed up to her rather recently), but for me, this collection says she's moving in the right direction. Not my favorite from her, but it's all right.

New York Fashion Week: Adam, Altuzarra, Band of Outsiders and Charlotte Ronson

It only comes but twice a year...

Mmm, I like this! The first half was weirdly frothy and over-the-top girly, with giant pink flowers and lavender (the color) strewn everywhere. Then the darker florals came, bringing with them a mishmash of... I'm not entirely sure what. I was a little confused as to where the band jacket fit in, to be honest. However, I still appreciate the rest of it. Moral of the story? I guess florals aren't going anywhere. And maybe this spring, instead of leather jackets with maxis, it'll be band/military jackets? I just might be okay with that.

This collection by Altuzarra reminds me of someone/something, but I just can't place it... is it Alexander Wang? I'm sure comparisons will be drawn between the two, since there were quite a few open knits.

One of my absolute favorites so far! I like the Amish meets tennis separates look.

I really like the new direction Charlotte Ronson's going on. This collection is more like her than her last (I think it was last fall that was more punky/sporty than usual), but I think she's sitll on the right track. Here, geometric designs are in, from patch pocket details to mazelike patterns on skirts to large silvery polka dots.

Pictures from my birthday weekend

Time to wake up and check out blogs!

 My lovely necklace. (Har har, get it?)

 A view across the water...

 Some big dude, idk.

 The newest memorial. It's beautiful -- I highly recommend you go.

Can you spot the "UFO"?

Hauntingly beautiful. My favorite memorial.

Just a quick note...

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Blog's updated!

I tweaked my blog a little! Honestly, things like this are slow going for me because I know nothing about Photoshop, HTML, or CSS... unfortunately. If you have any tips, tutorials, or suggestions, please let me know!
(That being said, a big, big, big thanks to Door Sixteen for posting the "Go ahead, make a circle" tutorial that I used to make my new About Me link.)

J. Crew Looks We Love

I really like this collection from J. Crew, and now that I'm working somewhere with an actual dress code, it may be in my best interest to spend a little more cash and invest in some "business casual" items...

P.S. It's my birthday! :D

Birthday/Christmas wishlist

My birthday is this Friday, and I'm not expecting any presents (because I never ask for anything), but I thought maybe I'd make a wishlist to entertain myself. Here goes!

1. A schoolgirl-inspired dress

Maybe this one from Modcloth?

2. The ability to do a perfect cat-eye

I hope some Youtube tutorials will help me out. Do you have any suggestions or favorite tutorials?

I'm sure after Fashion Week I'll have more to add...