Birthday/Christmas wishlist

My birthday is this Friday, and I'm not expecting any presents (because I never ask for anything), but I thought maybe I'd make a wishlist to entertain myself. Here goes!

1. A schoolgirl-inspired dress

Maybe this one from Modcloth?

2. The ability to do a perfect cat-eye

I hope some Youtube tutorials will help me out. Do you have any suggestions or favorite tutorials?

I'm sure after Fashion Week I'll have more to add...


  1. Happy Birthday (a day in advance)! good pick. the peter pan collar and silhouette are so charming. my wishlists are always comprised of the most far off, never in life items, at least this is reachable :)

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  3. Happy Birthday (a day early)! I used that cat eye tutorial and it really helped me a lot. I think the best way to perfect it is trial and error; just see that looks best on your eyes and keep practicing until you get the shape you like.

  4. I love the mustard dress <3 It is oh-so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Sojourned - Thank you for the birthday wishes! I actually tried to make a wishlist of things I could actually get, haha! I figure, why torture myself with $30,000 keychains from Balmain? :P

  6. Ajkpoplover - Thank you! I tried the tutorial I linked and it actually worked out pretty well! It turned out more like a Cleopatra kinda look as opposed to a cat-eye, but I think it looked better. I will definitely keep at it!

    Jo - I know, right? At first, I wasn't sure if I quite liked the color, but it'll be so nice for fall. Plus, the shape and collar are just so cute!


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