Gap Fall '09

Boy, am I looking forward to Gap's Fall '09 collection being in stores. Patrick Robinson is really revamping Gap's image -- finally! I'm glad that the company is finally moving away from overly-basic basics.

I love the cropped pants and boots. I'm also digging the first coat, though I hope it comes in other colors. I have way too many brown things! (And by "too many," I mean like, five things. That's way too much for me.)

Cute hats, and again, the boots. That first blazer looks quite nice as well.

I love the slouchy ease of the second outfit. All these things look uber-comfy.

I must have that jacket (last photo)!! I'm a sucker for funky lapels. The pants in the second picture are pretty hot, too.

Coming to a store near you, hopefully sooner rather than later!


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  1. I looked at this collection a couple of days ago and thought it's pretty impressive for Gap....the denim puffy vest esp!


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