It's like wearing pajamas...

I don't know, dude... it's been a very gray week so far. In terms of clothing, I mean. The weather, on the other hand, is picking up quite nicely. By the end of the week, it'll hit 80! (Which is actually WAY too hot for me, but I'm just happy it's not freezing cold or raining.)

Anyway, here's what I wore today:

That MAC nail polish is the business. Also, gray eyeliner is my new love.

Unlike yesterday's illustration, none of the clothes here are actually what I wore. I actually wore light flats instead of oxfords (though I really want to get the ones in the Polyvore pic!), my coin necklace doesn't look like that, the shirt I was wearing was similar in color but was actually bigger because it's a men's shirt, and finally, the pants I was wearing are actually dress pants made out of sweatpant material... Is that jersey? Anywho, sweatpant dress pants (as I'll call them for now) are the bomb. For real, I felt like I was wearing pajamas. If I could get away with wearing those same pants every day, I so would. Actually, there's a pair of jersey pants on that I've been eyeing. I think they're $50, and the waistband is khaki cotton -- hotness!

Edit: On a side note, please excuse the wrong dates on the outfit pics. I am... a doofus, basically.

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