A little sparkle never hurt anyone... right?

As you might have known (if you follow me on Twitter), I finally uploaded pics from my camera onto my computer. I happened to come across some pics I took when I was trying to document some new purchases.

On a side note, anyone have tips for taking pics of new purchases? For some reason, they never turn out too well. I think it's because my room doesn't get much direct sunlight. Anyway --

Here's my hair accessory collection. I used to have all sorts of crazy stuff when I was a kid, but none of that would look quite right on me now, so I went to Forever21 and bought some hair clips a couple months ago. All this was part of an effort for me to leave my hair down more often, since I almost
always wear my hair up (which isn't even good for your hair, FYI). That hasn't gone so well, but ever since putting the clips out all nicely, I do use them more often.


  1. I need more hair accessories... I only own flowers but on hot days, I want to pin my hair back off my face and I come up empty! I'm inspired now!

  2. These are beautiful! Lovely collection!


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