Lydell review

Last month, jewelry company Lydell NYC sent me some pieces to review. I mentioned that on Instagram a little while ago, but I'm finally getting to it now -- sorry for the delay!

I had asked for some different pieces, but the ones I wanted weren't in stock at the warehouse. The representative I spoke to sent me some other pieces instead: the Pave Link necklace and bracelet.

My first impression of the necklace was that it was really heavy. I wore the necklace to a friend's house, but I had a few issues with it at first.

The links seemed to twist around a lot, and I don't know if it's my Virgo perfectionism showing through, but I found myself fussing with it quite a bit to make sure it lay properly. Once on, some links flipped around during the night, so I felt like I kept having to fix it. If that sort of thing won't bother you, then I'd definitely recommend it.

 As for the bracelet, I have no complaints! I have always had pretty big wrists and fingers (makes it a b-word to find nice rings to wear), so the bracelet fit snugly -- not too tight -- on me.

 I really liked that just a few links had rhinestones on them, and I got quite a few compliments on the piece. I would certainly recommend this bracelet, and I plan on wearing it on New Year's Eve!

So far, I believe that both the necklace and bracelet are good quality and appropriately priced ($50 and $46, respectively). Check out Lydell NYC, and let me know what you think!


  1. omgsh i love the necklace :) i'll have to check them out

  2. I appreciate the honest review! thanks for sharing :)

    ▲_▲ HYENA


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