Resort 2011

So I was looking through the pictures I had saved on my computer, I came across one other Resort 2011 collection I want to share with you guys.

It's by Bouchra Jarrar, a French and Moroccan designer. She's known how to use a sewing machine since age 12, she's been Balmain's Director of Studio and she's worked alongside Christian Lacroix. However, she truly shines (in my untrained eye's opinion) on her own. Check it out!

Please excuse the random skeletal foot... I'm trying to improve my Photoshop skillz. Bear with me!


  1. I think the foot matches, it's all good! I feel so frumpy looking at these structured pieces.

  2. I'm glad you think so! I hope that, with time and practice, I'll get better at this and it'll look a little less.. forced?

  3. Haha, "Please excuse the random skeletal foot.." I love the texture you added! Nice technique. Nice collection here. Classy and modern.

    The silver belt is what I actually wore today. I just photoshopped the black belt. :)

  4. Bouchra Jarrar is a really great designer, I love most of the pieces from this collection!

  5. This collection has a great edgy, chique feeling. And I like the foot too XD.


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