Everyday Luxury

I remember reading something someone said a year or two ago (super-specific, I know). Basically, the gist was that you shouldn't leave your "nice" clothes/shoes/bag/whatever for a special occasion, because then you'll end up never/rarely wearing it, even though you really love it.

I totally agree with this idea. I mean, clearly, a floor-length ball gown isn't appropriate for class... but maybe you should wear that blouse you're "saving" for a nice dinner to class instead.

It's a hard habit to break out of, but one that is ultimately worth it, I think.

Another benefit of not saving your things is that you'll feel awesome. Seriously! You put on that skirt you've been saving and you'll be thinking, "Damn, I look good" all day. It's the perfect pick-me-up, especially if you're having a crappy day*.

What do you guys think? Do you think some pieces of clothing should definitely be saved for special occasions? Or do you not care?

* It's not quite the same thing, but when I have spent a few days in a row studying or writing papers, I get to a  point where I can't lounge in sweats anymore, so I put on some makeup and get dressed (leggings or jeans, though. I don't mean I get dressed up)... and head back to the books. It makes it a little more bearable, I swear!


  1. Mmmmm that is a yummy combo you have up there! Those wedges? D.I.E.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. :)

  3. I love the color scheme of the outfit you made!

    I absolutely agree with the "nice" clothing bit. I tend to do that with dressy shirts, and by the time I try them on, they're too small for me.

  4. Rya - Thank you! And omg, the whole "I swear this fit a month ago" thing... happens to me ALL the time!


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