Seriously, can Christopher Kane do any wrong? Despite my initial discomfort with his use of atom bomb explosions as a motif, I find his ability to find beauty in literally anything inspiring.

Douglas Hannant has a wonderful knack for making beautiful dresses. I don't even wear (or really like) dresses, but Hannant makes me want to.

Want want WANT that dress! It must be so nice to wear.


  1. I think Carolina's are the most wearable in 'everyday life' and the Isaac ones are cute altough the man himself is not! lol

  2. Hahaha, I always thought Isaac Mizrahi looked like an evil scientist. All he needs are a pair of goggles and a lab coat! :P (He does seem like a nice guy though.)

  3. i agree with your christopher kane comment - he can do no wrong! have you seen jane @ 's mom wearing the gorilla dress? it's stunning!
    thanks for your comment on our blog - i am probs going to change the header soon..


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