MAC x Rodarte: Update

I just read this morning, via New York Magazine's Cut Blog, that MAC has decided not to ship the Rodarte line, inspired by Juarez, Mexico.

As I mentioned before, there has been a lot of backlash on the internet due to the controversial nature of the Mulleavy sisters' source of inspiration. Now, MAC has released a statement that they will not release the collection, out of respect for the citizens of Juarez, and really, out of respect for all people. They will still, however, donate all projected global proceeds to groups that work to protect the women of Juarez.

Though it's unfortunate that this whole debacle occurred, I'm glad that something good is coming out of this. (And... I've been holding back from saying this because I didn't want to take away from this discussion, but... the collection was pretty ugly/unwearable.) Anyway, from the statement MAC released, it seems that they are still researching the groups that exist, so they know where to send their donations.

In the future, I would really love to see an update on what happens with the money they donate. Of course, MAC will need to make sure that, if they do a press release on how their donation was used, it doesn't come across as, "Look at us! We did great things!" as opposed to contrite, yet glad that they could help in some way. Regardless, we'll see.

If you've ever doubted the power of the internet, here is your proof.

(You can check out the Cut Blog link above, or Temptalia -- a great makeup blog -- to read the statement in full.)


  1. Haha, Fashionista was right: what one little blogger can do ;)

  2. This makes me SO HAPPY. Yay internet!


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