Summer purchases (Part 1)

Yes... so I went a little crazy with the shopping this summer (considering I usually go shopping twice a year). Here's what I ended up with!

L to R: MAC Dare to Wear in Ban This!| L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base| MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed.

MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
This color is really nice, but too sheer and holographic (for me) to wear alone, so I put it on top of any lip gloss or lipstick I have already.

MAC Dare to Wear in Ban This!| MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
I forgot to take a solo picture of Ban This!, so this'll have to do. As you can sorta see, it's a magenta glittery color, and it's thick. Lots of glitter in it, so you either have to layer it on to get that opaqueness, or you should blend it out so that it's more evenly distributed. I suppose you could wear this alone, but I have worn it over my purple lip glosses (I got a palette from Forever 21 -- so worth it!).

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base
This stuff is like grout for your face... Yeah, that sounds pretty unappetizing. Stay with me though -- the perfecting base fills in lines and wrinkes if you've got 'em, and minimizes pores. It works quite well; it made my face look very smooth. However, if your skin is not similar to the color of the base, I do not suggest wearing this without a) blending very, very, very well and/or b) wearing tinted moisturizer or foundation. I made both mistakes (used a little too much without blending, and no foundation) and I definitely had the Ghostface look that can befall those of us who aren't porcelain-complected. :P


All my jewelry! Descriptions below.

Chevron/whale tail necklace - Goodwill| Stud bracelet - Target| Stud earring trio - Target
I don't know why but that first necklace reminds me of fish. I often wear it backwards as well, because the back is a nice coppery color with an interesting texture. That stud bracelet is one of my new favorites, but sometimes I wonder if it's a little too... rough-looking. Oh, well!

Stud earring trio - Target
I luh-luh-luh-love these earrings! I think they cost me $11, but I have to force myself not to wear them constantly. They're simple without being staid or stale... one of my best purchases yet.

Crystal ring - Torrid| Cross knuckle ring - Forever 21
Ugh, I know I keep saying "I love this" and "I love that," but I... love this crystal ring! It's really big and when I wear it, I think it's a little over the top, but I like ostentatious jewelry. It's the perfect statement right.

Cross knuckle ring - Forever 21| Snake ring - Torrid| Wing ring - Torrid
As you can see, a lot of my rings come from Torrid. That's because they're the only place that stocks rings big enough to fit on my fingers! I wear like a size 10 least. *sigh*

Chain necklace - Goodwill
My friend calls this necklace my "Mr. T necklace". I don't think it looks like Mr. T's, but I get where she's going with that. To me, it looks like something that the girl from the last Bond movie would wear (the actress's name is Olga Kurylenko, but I can't remember the character's name).

In other news, I'm working on a "style manifesto" as Gala Darling calls it. While I don't think I'll adhere fully to it for the coming fall and winter, it's something fun to think about. It's like making a wearable editorial for yourself, kinda. If I come up with a good name for it, I'll post it -- pinky swear.

So, have you gotten anything super awesome this summer? It doesn't have to be clothes, it could be a plate or some bedsheets -- I'm just curious! Also, are you going to go for a certain look this fall?

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  1. Wow, I wish I had the self control to not shop very often! I'm more of a grazer, to be honest - lunch hour pops to Primark and whatnot.

    As for the comment on my blog: my harness is from AudraJean at Etsy and cost about 60 dollars, I think. I would absolutely recommend it, it's really well made and is starting to age beautifully. Also, go for it with the big boobs. I'm a DD myself and it goes really well with curves!


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