Polyvore Mini Editor Contest: Win $1000!

Polyvore is having a contest where bloggers and readers have a chance to will a $1000 Visa gift card!

Below, you'll see a Mini Editor, which is Polyvore's new widget. You, dear readers, can create an outfit from the favorites that I've picked, which counts toward my standing in the contest. If you want to be entered in the contest yourself, you can put the widget on your own blog and email Polyvore with some info about yourself, or you can use the widget on participating blogs (click here for more info). If you want to put the widget on your blog, the deadline to notify Polyvore is 11:59pm PDT (what the hell is that? Pacific time?) on September 7th, so you've got a little time to get yourself together. Good luck, and enjoy making outfits on here! :D

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ETA: Don't worry if you can't see your collage after you click "Publish". I can see them all under my Polyvore account, and they're in a special collection here.

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