Peter Jensen, Graeme Black, Christopher Kane, Charles Anastase, Aquascutum

This collection embodies what I love about London Fashion Week. The craftsmanship is still there, but the designers who present here aren't afraid to be whimsical, to be outlandish, to be anything but normal. The inspiration here seems to be Heidi, what with the florals, the lace, and the little lederhosen-like suspenders (look #4). Gosh, I want that blue puffer coat!

This show took place in Windsor Castle, I believe, and boy, was that an appropriate venue. The keyword here for Graeme Black is "decadence." The looks progressed from relatively pared down to full-on, with that crimson (silk, I think) folded dress being a particular stand-out.

Quite a departure from where he started a few seasons ago, but one thing is constant: Kane can make a dress. I love the piecey construction, which lends these dresses some structure. I particularly like the first dress shown here... it's got a "warrior princess" vibe to it, I think.

Charles Anastase can do no wrong. His geek girl is back from the previous season, along with some remnants of the Spring look -- platforms and sheer bottoms. A truly ready-to-wear collection, these looks are street-ready.

Oh, Aquascutum, you can do no wrong. The omnipresent lace (that first dress is a little Prada, no?) is nice, but the billowy manta ray-like raincoats are my favorite. Love it!

Photos:, as usual. Collages: me! woot.

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  1. Christopher Kane's collection is not very versatile but I really like it!




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