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Beatrice - by silentspring on

I just finished reading Purgatorio, in which Dante travels through Purgatory with Virgil and, at the end, meets up with Beatrice, his love. She is a vision, but she speaks sternly with him, trying to impart maximum knowledge in a minimal amount of time. Honestly, I didn't really like her character -- but I definitely had fun coming up with an outfit for her. Since she's in heaven, I was looking for wing earrings, but found these ones that look like harps. I had originally put her in a white dress, but then I remembered that blue is considered a holy color (that's why Mary is often wearing blue in religious paintings). Dante meets her in a Garden of Eden-like place, so the rest of her jewelry is leaflike.

Juliet - by silentspring on

This may be one of my favorites. Here's Juliet, not looking very girly at all, except for that frilly shirt. I picked the puff shorts because they remind me of what the male actors were wearing in Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. My Juliet is a tough girl, so she wears flat boots and carries a messenger bag. Lace tights for a touch of romance, a "letter" clutch (for all that miscommunication), and finally, a vial of "Poison." Gosh, I crack myself up.

When you're a Jet...
When you're a Jet... - by silentspring on

Finally, this one is inspired by the one female character in the Jet gang from West Side Story. Some rugged jewelry that'll come in handy for a fight, the requisite leather jacket and sleeveless shirt for the "neighborhood tough" look, and jeans and Converse sneakers for the ultimate comfort when hopping fences and fighting Sharks.


  1. thank you for your comment : ))
    wow i love the first outfit!!
    blue with lots of gold is simply awesome!!!!
    i think i need a loose blue shirt now :D


  2. True... I wish I had all that gold jewelry!


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