Art as Inspiration, part 4: Klimt Revisited

I used to really hate Klimt, but after spending a few days in a room with a giant reproduction of Klimt's "The Kiss" (true story), his style really grew on me.

I kind of wish he was still alive...and designing clothing. But since he isn't, we've got to rely on interpretations by designers like Galliano. Here are a few examples of the master's work (Klimt, not Galliano. That comes later.).

Judith II

The Kiss


Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Portrait of Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein

Water Serpents I


Judith I

Medicine (Hygeia)

Pallas Athene



  1. Klimt is a genius, I sorta wish someone other than Galliano would take inspiration from him though, I find Galliano too in-your-face...

  2. These are really iconic artworks :) They serve as such great inspiration! You have a great blog here =]

  3. Klimt is more than amazing I could sit and stare at this pictures forever!!

    Oh and Sam and Dean Winchester are more than amazing! You seriously need to get involved with some DVD lovin!

    MM x


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