United Bamboo, Staerk, Rodarte

I was pleasantly surprised by United Bamboo. A distinct schoolgirl vibe without the requisite plaid, and none of the typical dreary fall colors. A+!

Staerk is back! Unfortunately...this is kind of drab. I mean, I still like the clothing, but the minimalist look plus an all-white background is really just depressing. Come on, Camilla! Your clothes are awesome -- it's just the presentation. On the plus side, I love the pants and the mesh tops (bodysuits?).

I had to post two pictures of Rodarte... I'm glad they kept their shredded knitwear look from last season. The thigh high boots are awesome, especially with the bondage strips going up on it.

I think what I like most about Rodarte lately is their piece-y aesthetic. The clothes look like they were made of scraps, yet there is nothing "Derelicte" (haha) about them.

Photos: style.com


  1. hehe Derelicte, yeah, so true. and it's so masterfully done.

  2. I'm really loving the Rodarte collection! And I agree..the boots are really gorgeous, it's amazing how the designers stick to their signature style and recreate such an original collection!


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