Envy, or Why I Don't Like Topshop (jk)

I usually don't ever look at the Topshop collections... at first it was because they didn't ship to the U.S. Now they do, but I still think that some of their clothing is too expensive for what it is. I did have a skirt from there (orange chiffon full skirt), but now I can't find it -- point is, I've only had one thing from there that I rarely wore, so I'm not too sure how the quality of the items is.

I decided today that I'd at least check out the merchandise, see how much it's changed.

Silk Color Block Dress $40

Oversized Blazer $60 (This is actually
exactly what I've been looking for. Damn you, Topshop!!)

High Waisted Paper Bag Short $30 (My new obsession is shorts with wide legs. When you stand still, they look like skirts. Oh, the deception!)

PLEASE don't buy this (unless if it's for a costume):

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