Boots for Fall

July is almost over, which means there's only about 7 weeks left in summer. Start thinking about boots now, and by the time the leaves start to fall, you'll be ready!

Motorcycle boots will still be in style, as they always are. This pair by Miu Miu is pretty tough, but the best thing about it is that the harness is removable if you're in more of an equestrian mood.

These pair from Diesel have a nice detail, the asymmetrical zipper. Watch out for ankle boots though, they're hard to wear if you have a big calf or ankle.

Go a little lower with a shoe boot. I predict those will be big for fall, especially since they're a lot easier to work into your wardrobe than boots with higher shaft lengths. Here are a few from

Just remember to wear tights with those open-toe shoes...frostbite is no joke!

Photo credits: Miu Miu boots,; Diesel boots,; rest from

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