8 Things Meme

Back when I had a LiveJournal, I used to do surveys and memes alllllllll the time. I still am obsessed with them, so I decided to do this one that I got this one from Coffee Over Conversation's archives.

Things I Am Passionate About:

1. The Human Body (I want to be a doctor, so...yeah.)
2. Online "window-shopping" (I can do this for HOURS!)
3. Target/Old Navy/H&M/Zara
4. Writing (blogs, poetry, prose, articles -- anything!)
5. Reading. Seriously, I can't live without reading for fun.
6. Clothes!
7. Good food.
8. Living well, in all senses of the word. That is my ultimate goal: to be healthy, successful, contented, and stable.

Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. Live in Western Europe for a few years.
2. Learn Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
3. Marry (and have kids).
4. Be the head physician for a sports team.
5. Create at least one season's worth of clothing for my line.
6. Open a boutique.
7. Live with my best friend.
8. Learn to swim. (I used to be able to, but I almost drowned in swim class once. Since then, I panic way too much to swim. It doesn't help that I don't know how to tread water. I mean... I know what to do, but it doesn't really seem to work!)

Things I Say Often:

1. "Shut up"
2. "Seriously?"
3. "I got NO ends" (AKA, "I'm broke")
4. "wtf"
5. "He is so hot"
6. "That is so cool!"
7. "I need to buy that"
8. "I need to go for a walk"

Books I Have Read Lately: (I never have time to read...ever. If I do, it's usually assigned. Sad, I know.)

1. Purgatorio -- Dante
2. Every Boy Has One -- Meg Cabot
3. Boy Next Door -- Meg Cabot
4. Severance Package
5. Personal Days -- Ed Park
6. The Masque of the Black Tulip -- Lauren Wittig
7. The Secret History of the Pink Carnation -- Lauren Wittig
8. Magazines: Lucky, Glamour, Marie Claire

Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over:

1. "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" Quindon Tarver
2. "Take You Down" Chris Brown
3. "F--king Boyfriend" The Bird & The Bee
4. "I Only Have Eyes For You" The Flamingos & The Complexions
5. "Ca Vient De La Rue" IAM (looooooooooooooove them!!)
6. "Say It Once" Ultra
7. "I Need You" Jazmin Sullivan
8. "Crosses" Jose Gonzalez

Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends:

1. Countless inside jokes
2. We're always honest with each other
3. We can make fun of each other and no one gets upset
4. We all know exactly what we like
5. We always have a good time together
6. They always have awesome advice
7. They are nosy bastards when it comes to my love life, but deep down inside, I love the attention. (lol)
8. We neverrrrrrrrr fight!

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