Basic training

Don't you love corny titles? Here are some basics that you should keep in mind when/if you're trying to build a foundation wardrobe. I used to think that basics should be bought just as cheaply as other, more trendy clothes, but I eventually realized that wardrobe staples are the very thing that you should splurge on. If you buy good quality clothing, you can keep them for a long time and wear them for a long time, reducing the cost-to-wear ratio (you've heard this before, right?). Enough chit-chat, on to the clothing.

- A blouse in a color that truly suits you. Take your time and find the right one! For me, it's a hot pink short sleeved blouse that I bought at H&M. Before that, it was a royal blue sleeveless shell from the Gap. It can even be a white oxford -- just as long as when you put it on, you look fabulous.

- Thin long sleeve shirts for layering. C&C California have good examples, though they are a little expensive. However, when it comes to things like layering shirts, you may want to spend the extra cash. These types of shirts are made of thin material, and it'd be best to have a shirt that won't get ripped after a few washes; you probably shouldn't buy these types of tops from a store like Forever 21, unless if you plan on buying a lot of the same kind/color... in which case you'd probably be better off just spending the money for a better quality shirt!

- A pair of black flats: They go with pretty much everything, and hey -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

- Waterproof shoes. I'm not a fan of rainboots, but patent leather works just fine.

- Brown boots. Yeah, I know it's weird that I'm specifying a color, but think about it: brown boots go with pretty much everything. After all, brown is just another neutral, just like black and white.

- A simple pair of pumps. They just have to be appropriate for work or a formal occasion.

- Dark wash jeans. Dark denim is practically a neutral.

- Formal pants. Everybody has a pair of black pants that they can just throw on, but let's buck the trend and pick a different color, please! (And keep the black pants as a last resort)

Did I forget anything?


  1. Great post - you've definitely covered all of the wardrobe staples, except, another staple I have in mind is just a nice black or brown leather handbag - it goes with pretty much everything, and investing in a more expensive one (I love Marc by Marc Jacobs) is definitely a good idea.

  2. Ooh, good point, Tina! I totally forgot about handbags. Having a nice leather handbag in a neutral color is definitely practical and fashionable.

    I haven't been a fan of March Jacobs in the past (fashion blasphemy, I know, I know), but I'll check out the line you suggested.

    By the way, thanks so much for commenting!! You've totally made my day. :D


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