A Cosmetic Conundrum

I have in my possession a pair of original (as in, they were made in the 80's) Ray-Ban Wayfarers that used to be my mom's. She gave them to me when I was in the 4th or 5th grade and I've kept them ever since.

I wore them all throughout summer camp that year, which I'm sure made me the coolest 5th grader known to man. Since then, unfortunately, I've worn them exactly...ZERO times.

Actually, I was pretty disappointed to see them come back in style, because I feel like I can't wear them now without looking like a poser or a fashion victim. Of course, I'll eventually wear them because I effing feel like it, regardless of what people might think about me... but I need to figure out how to do so without looking like a hipster wannabe.

I'm not a fan of the hipster/club kid/whatever look; it's just not my thing. So maybe I should wear my Wayfarers with the girliest, frilliest outfit I can find? I'll think of something, but I hope I do it soon, because they are just lying on my dresser top, going to waste!!

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