Music Day

I've listened to this song 13 times today. I just LOVE it! One of my favorite songs of the 90's mixed with a slow jam/electro tune is perfection. Enjoy! (Oh, and play DJ Hero if you get a chance. It's a lot of fun!)

My favorite boots

I love these! They're from the Dolce Vita x Target collaboration. They definitely were a great buy, though it seems like they weren't in stores for very long. Anyway, I feel like such a badass when I wear these. Seriously... I feel like an extra from this video:

A little bit of cuteness to get you through the week

I mean the dog, not me. Actually, my dog looks like a demon in this picture, so never mind. And I'm making a weird face, haha!

You can't really see what I was wearing, but it was just one of those military/utility jackets and my Chloe-looking boots (that are really uncomfortable). Casual Fridays are the business.

Looking at London

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight... maybe it's because I'm watching An Education and looking at pictures of The Hoxton via PinkBow? Anyway, I miss London so much. I really, really do.

Photo and stupid editing by me.

Holiday Dressing

I know it's only November, but I've already started thinking about New Year's. At first, I thought I would just hang out at home (appropriate attire: a sweatshirt and fuzzy knee-high socks), but now I'm thinking of going to New York. Obviously, such an event requires a beautiful dress -- so the hunt is on.

I saw a gorgeous dress in the Washington Post Sunday magazine this past week. It was an H&M dress for only $18 or $19, in beautiful black and gold brocade. I'm going to see if I can find it in-store this week. Then, of course, there are the dresses from the Lanvin x H&M collabo. However, the dress I want from that collection is not nearly festive enough (I want the dress the maids are wearing in the video, with the high poofy shoulders... God only knows where the hell I'd be wearing that to. I may have to rethink that!)

Forever 21 occasionally has cute holiday dresses, but I think I want something with a little better quality, so I'll probably skip that. Then there are department stores, but that's usually a last resort for me.

Anyway, a fashion post ain't a fashion post without some pictures, so here are some dresses that embody what I'm looking for for this holiday season.
Holiday dressing

Ladylike things from ASOS

Like I've been saying, lately I've been into clothes with a prim schoolgirl vibe. Pretty out of the ordinary for me, as I'm usually into the hard-edged tomboy thing, but hey... I think it mostly came about because I have gotten so sick of wearing pants or jeans lately. I don't feel like coming up with a whole outfit, so the easiest thing is to wear a dress. The only problem is that most of my dresses are packed away right now, so I've been making do with jeans and such.

Anyway, I'm kind of rambling. The main point of this post is to show a wishlist of items from ASOS. They've got some really cute things at that shop! I'm still waiting on my first purchase from them to get here (seriously... they are taking long enough! But I have generally heard good things about their customer service.)

Okay, love this dress! Only problem is, it looks like I'd need some layers underneath for this to be warm.

This one's somewhat similar. I love peter pan collars on dresses, especially in contrasting colors. For me, that always seems to deemphasize the bust area (which is sometimes essential when you're wearing a dress with a high neckline).
Really like this one as well, but it kinda looks like a nightgown, so...
This is another one of my favorites. I'm not a huge fan of florals, but this dress is made of corduroy... I would love to wear this! It must be so warm and cozy.
Plaid is one of my favorite patterns (second, maybe, to paisley). I really like the styling in this picture, too. If I got this dress, I'd definitely replicate this look.

Of course, on, you can't just look at one area, so my search quickly went from dresses to skirts... to shorts... to coats.
I think these are culottes or a skort, which makes this even better. I'd love to find a pair of culottes -- that'd be the best of both worlds for me; a way to wear a skirt without that annoying chafey thigh thing going on.
More culottes, yay! I think I saw Tokyobanhbao wearing these and I think I'm even more sold on them.

I believe they marketed this as a dress, but when even the model is wearing shorts underneath, I think we should just go ahead and call it a shirt. It's a lovely one anyway.

Again, a high neckline, which is often not the friend of the busty. But I'm hoping that the cornelli (I think?) on the collar would draw the eye up a little higher. Also hoping it's not itchy.

This is the exact cut of pants I'm looking for. However, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find these in store. I have found them on sites like ASOS and Topshop, but a) they're somewhat expensive and b) I don't like to buy pants online because there can be so many fit issues.

I love a good military coat. That is all. Also, look at her bag... me likey.

*koff koff* I'm sick :(

What do you guys do when you're sick? Unfortunately, I have to go to class today, but I've already got a plan formulated:

1. Skip chorus practice, bc I can only breathe through one nostril, and that kinda gets in the way of singing
2. Drive to the local video game store and buy the newest Sims 3 expansion
3. Crank out a paper (that was due yesterday, eek!)
4. Play video games all night
5. Go to bed

In between all that, I will be drinking lots of tea and taking some cold medicine. Good times!