Ladylike things from ASOS

Like I've been saying, lately I've been into clothes with a prim schoolgirl vibe. Pretty out of the ordinary for me, as I'm usually into the hard-edged tomboy thing, but hey... I think it mostly came about because I have gotten so sick of wearing pants or jeans lately. I don't feel like coming up with a whole outfit, so the easiest thing is to wear a dress. The only problem is that most of my dresses are packed away right now, so I've been making do with jeans and such.

Anyway, I'm kind of rambling. The main point of this post is to show a wishlist of items from ASOS. They've got some really cute things at that shop! I'm still waiting on my first purchase from them to get here (seriously... they are taking long enough! But I have generally heard good things about their customer service.)

Okay, love this dress! Only problem is, it looks like I'd need some layers underneath for this to be warm.

This one's somewhat similar. I love peter pan collars on dresses, especially in contrasting colors. For me, that always seems to deemphasize the bust area (which is sometimes essential when you're wearing a dress with a high neckline).
Really like this one as well, but it kinda looks like a nightgown, so...
This is another one of my favorites. I'm not a huge fan of florals, but this dress is made of corduroy... I would love to wear this! It must be so warm and cozy.
Plaid is one of my favorite patterns (second, maybe, to paisley). I really like the styling in this picture, too. If I got this dress, I'd definitely replicate this look.

Of course, on, you can't just look at one area, so my search quickly went from dresses to skirts... to shorts... to coats.
I think these are culottes or a skort, which makes this even better. I'd love to find a pair of culottes -- that'd be the best of both worlds for me; a way to wear a skirt without that annoying chafey thigh thing going on.
More culottes, yay! I think I saw Tokyobanhbao wearing these and I think I'm even more sold on them.

I believe they marketed this as a dress, but when even the model is wearing shorts underneath, I think we should just go ahead and call it a shirt. It's a lovely one anyway.

Again, a high neckline, which is often not the friend of the busty. But I'm hoping that the cornelli (I think?) on the collar would draw the eye up a little higher. Also hoping it's not itchy.

This is the exact cut of pants I'm looking for. However, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find these in store. I have found them on sites like ASOS and Topshop, but a) they're somewhat expensive and b) I don't like to buy pants online because there can be so many fit issues.

I love a good military coat. That is all. Also, look at her bag... me likey.


  1. That bag is AMAZING, but also it's like £120... :(

  2. Yeah... everything I truly love on ASOS is ridiculously expensive. :(


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