A little bit of cuteness to get you through the week

I mean the dog, not me. Actually, my dog looks like a demon in this picture, so never mind. And I'm making a weird face, haha!

You can't really see what I was wearing, but it was just one of those military/utility jackets and my Chloe-looking boots (that are really uncomfortable). Casual Fridays are the business.


  1. Awww, your dog is sooo cuteee! Whats his/her name? And what I can see of your coat, it looks very nicee :) Cool blog!
    come visit mine some time :) and maybe follow me. I'm following you :D
    Nat xoxox

  2. omg your dog looks so much like my by's parents' dog Sabrie..
    Did u kidnap their dog?

  3. Aimee -- Haha, yes... I did kidnap their dog. You caught me! I guess I'll go return her now... *slinks off*


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