Holiday Dressing

I know it's only November, but I've already started thinking about New Year's. At first, I thought I would just hang out at home (appropriate attire: a sweatshirt and fuzzy knee-high socks), but now I'm thinking of going to New York. Obviously, such an event requires a beautiful dress -- so the hunt is on.

I saw a gorgeous dress in the Washington Post Sunday magazine this past week. It was an H&M dress for only $18 or $19, in beautiful black and gold brocade. I'm going to see if I can find it in-store this week. Then, of course, there are the dresses from the Lanvin x H&M collabo. However, the dress I want from that collection is not nearly festive enough (I want the dress the maids are wearing in the video, with the high poofy shoulders... God only knows where the hell I'd be wearing that to. I may have to rethink that!)

Forever 21 occasionally has cute holiday dresses, but I think I want something with a little better quality, so I'll probably skip that. Then there are department stores, but that's usually a last resort for me.

Anyway, a fashion post ain't a fashion post without some pictures, so here are some dresses that embody what I'm looking for for this holiday season.
Holiday dressing

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