New York Fashion Week, Part 5 (Custo Barcelona, Chris Benz, Alexandre Herchecovitch

You know I love me some bright colors... and Custo Barcelona just about blinded me! Ah, retinal damage has never been so pleasant. But really, I loved the mix of color prints. If this is what Spring 2011 will look like, I can't wait to dress like a creamsicle.

There was definitely a mix of retro influences at Chris Benz. Just from a quick glance, I see some '20s influences (lowered waist, tennis sweater), some '60s (mod shapes, plastic/leather), some '50s and some '70s. I think what ties it all together, though, is the shoe choice and the overall bright colors. Hmm. It sure is a mishmash, isn't it?

[I was asked to remove the Barbara Tfank photos, which were apparently unauthorized ('s fault, not mine).]

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