London Fashion Week, Part 1 (Mary Katrantzou, House of Holland, Fashion Fringe, Basso & Brooke, Betty Jackson)

I'm finally getting to cover London Fashion Week! It's been a very busy week for me, so I had to step away from blogging for a little bit. But I'm back, so here we go...

All hail Queen Mary, sovereign of the digital prints! This time around, it's not perfume bottles, it's... pictures of rooms?? I guess Ms. Katrantzou picked up an issue of Elle Decor or Architectural Digest -- actually, the pictures look like they're from travel brochures -- and thought, "This is it!". I don't know how she makes her prints, but I do know this: they always merit a close look. Prints aside, I must say that she has some interesting touches here: pieces of fabric reminiscent of curtains, skirts that resemble lampshades, and fringe that calls to mind area rugs. I'd say this is much less wearable than her last spring showing, but just as intriguing.

I must say, this is a bit of deceptive editing by me. With just these pieces (and a few others not shown), it seems like Holland's SS'11 collection was somewhat 70's inspired, a little surfer and a little glam, too. That's not entirely wrong, I don't think, but the rest of the pieces were all over the place. Honestly, flat out ugly. If you want to see the rest, please head on over to (which is where I get all my photos for FW)... but I hated the rest of it.

An interesting vibe at Betty Jackson... oversize is definitely in. Long skirts, either by dropping the hem or raising the waist, big pockets, voluminous sweaters, extremely wide-legged pants, and huge t-shirts.


  1. Oh my gosh. Just looking through all of your posts just makes me want summer to stay a little longer and to wear all of these awesome pieces!

    I'll take one of everything. ;)

  2. these pictures look amazing ! Love those fashion fringe dresses

  3. Hi!
    I just came across your blog, and I really like it! It's very "clean" and it's easy to get an overview of the blog. Someone has to much going on at the same time, but i like the way you do it :-)
    May I ask what kind of picture editing program you use? I believe that I've downloaded at least 10 different editing programs, but none of them cover my needs. I want to make collages like the ones you do here.
    As far as I can see, you don't have any collages where you cut things or people ot of the picture, and then put them together again in a collage, but do you have a tip about an editing program who does that?
    Thank you, and keep up the good work :-)

  4. McKenzie -- I know, right? These were soooo pretty!

    Anonymous -- Hi there! Thanks for coming by. I use Paint.NET to create my collages. It's a free online download, just look it up. You can also create the other kind of collage (with things, people and put them together) with Paint.NET. I just don't do those often because it's way more time consuming than doing it in real life. If you want to shell out the money, you could always use Photoshop, but I think the price for it (if you don't use it all the time) is WAY too much!


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