New York Fashion Week, Part 1 (Kimberly Ovitz, Frank Tell)

It's here! I have to admit, the shows I saw on Thursday were... not too impressive. But there were a few gems. Tell me what you think!

First up is Kimberly Ovitz's spring line. Well... nothing exactly screams spring here, eh? But still, I can see this being part of a transitional wardrobe (winter --> spring). Lightweight knits and jackets are paired with cropped or slim pants and those awesome wrinkled boots. To be honest, this part of the collection is more like fall/winter wear to me, and this is a silhouette I'd like to explore this fall, but I'm sure that some people would pull this off for spring.

The best piece here is the draped sleeveless dress shirt, but I think the appliqued squares on the dresses is pretty neat too.

I'm a big fan of Julian Louie, and I always look forward to his collection every season. Again, I see strains of Balenciaga in the clothing (especially in that second to last dress), but there is still innovation and individuality here. I appreciate the clean, simple lines that are made even more interesting by color choice and embellishments. A+!

Last but not least, we come to my favorite so far (Yeah, I know it's only been one day...) -- Frank Tell. I think this is a (relatively) new label, but I think it shows great promise. I love the mossy-looking, ratty knits and the super slim pants. On a random note, doesn't the second model kinda look like Kristin Stewart?

What about you guys? Any favorite collections so far? Did I miss something that you really love? Drop me a line!


  1. I swear there is NO WAY I'll be able to keep up with all the shows this time, so I'll be relying on blog posts like this! Thanks!


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